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Brad Leese
All around great guy with a passion to both learn and educate.
All around great guy with a passion to both learn and educate.

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Hey friends, need a #job? Lyft offers way to work & earn around your schedule. Paid wkly fares+tips! Sign up today:

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Names matter - everyone calls this or that something different, when in reality, they are the same. Names really do matter in your marketing!

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Names Matter!
So this post comes after a back-and-forth with a troll on Twitter over the use of the word Suppressor vs Silencer. And to point out before I begin, the inventor of the gun accessory named his the "Maxim Silencer". Taken from Wikipedia : "American inventor H...

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The best summer ☀️ playlist on Spotify by far! #Ibiza #DeepHouse #OnRepeat by @simonfieldmusic Make sure 2 follow! 🍹

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Cribworks Digital Audio - Liberty Hill, Tx - Over four decades of successful recording experience!

- Excellent Room design and Equipment
- Superior sonics
- Truly world class musicians available and affordable
Easy Online Project Management
- Direct Engineer/producer Communication at all times
- Comfortable, creative environment
- Competitive rates

Removed from the hustle and bustle, the studio is nestled in the middle of ten acres, six miles from the nearest small town. Yet only 30 minutes from The Live Music capital of the World, Austin, TX!
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New community to tell you about: Undiscovered - I created it to help undiscovered and unsigned singer-songwriters, bands, musicians and music performers have a place to ask questions, find music industry resources and hopefully, be Discovered. If you'd like to join, please click the link below:

A little about me, the creator and moderator of this community - I have been a photography for over 25 years, a social media manager since 2008 and a music lover all my life. I've been fortunate enough to meet and get to know music industry people whom have helped shape the music world we know today. Most of my past and current clients are singer-songwriters, bands, or are in the music industry such as a venue or a recording studio. I also run the Google+ community: Texas Musicians & Bands with almost 400 members.

I used to play several instruments - piano, guitar, bass, and precision, but I haven't played anything in years. I have a passion to help music and artsy businesses get as much exposure as possible. I've helped a band get in front of the music buyers at Starbucks, several bands and singer-songwriters find the right recording studio, best mastering studio, merchandising, and venues at which to play. I've managed social media, photographed, built websites, created newsletters, built mailing lists, and so much more for my music friends. I hope this community will help you in one way or another and finger's'll get Discovered with the help of this community and it's members!

I'm open to questions and if I don't know something, I'll research until I can give you an answer! That's just who I am and what I do! Here to help you succeed! 

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Welcome to Undiscovered - A Premier Google+ Music Community! Created just for undiscovered and un-signed singer-songwriters, bands, music performers, and musicians! The Community features Q&A, General Discussion, Links to Venues, Recording Studios, and other related music industry sources. Community is highly moderated to keep out SPAM.

All genres welcome - Ask to join today!

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