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Selena Vidya
Marketer, Actress, Writer, Creator, Strategist, Adrenaline Junkie.
Marketer, Actress, Writer, Creator, Strategist, Adrenaline Junkie.


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Sometimes you never know where the night will take you. #indie   #shortfilm   #losangeles   #makers  

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Because I'm trying to practice a bias for MFing action, I'm launching one of the things I've been incubating in the background for quite some time. My first episode/launch will be before the end of this month. Give a like, a follow, or if you feel so inclined, sign up for email updates at

I'm beyond excited for you to hear all of the wonderful stories that my guests have to share. smile emoticon

Google Plus isn't usually a place where I spent my time, but I do check in on it every now and then. If you'd like to follow me in places where I'm active, there's Twitter:, instagram: 

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Remember, you can vote daily :) </end of shameless plug>

#comedy   #shortfilm  

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Happy to share that a short film I worked on is in the running to win the Comedy Shorts Video Contest from The Audience Awards! If you're interested, would love a vote.

#film   #shortfilm   #comedy  

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I'm back from the dead.

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A short film that I was a part of a few months ago called "Dream Recruits" directed by +Colby K. Neal. For anyone who has every talked to a for profit college, this one will strike home for you ;)

Great cast!

#dreamrecruits   #shortfilm  
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