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Tomara Armstrong
Mad Scientist, Underwater Basket Weaver, Brain Worm Enthusiast, Writer of Fiction
Mad Scientist, Underwater Basket Weaver, Brain Worm Enthusiast, Writer of Fiction

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The 1st chapter of Blazing Saddles, Smoking Tentacles is up at Choose or Die. Go Vote! #CYOA 

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You see me posting about it, but you're confused. "What's Choose or Die?" you ask.

Here it is in under 2 minutes. Watch the video, then head to the site ( and vote on Season 5's storyline.
I'm not telling which is mine, but you're free to guess ;)

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Choose or Die is the ultimate interactive reader/writer experience #CYOA. The story is fast paced and completely unpredictable. Once the weekly chapter is posted, the readers vote--the next writer doesn't know what to write until after the votes have been tabulated. The losing options (the ones with less votes) are written and spit out the same week. These "kills" will likely blow your mind.

Its crazy-mad fun.

Go vote and pick this season's story. Voting is only open for a short time, so do it right now .
(pretty please)

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OK Folks. Season 5 of Choose Or Die is looking for it's next great story. There's some amazing pitches in the mix, including mine ;). So, now's the fun part: Go read, pick your fave, and VOTE.

The crew is itching to write, and this season is going to be the BEST one yet!

Choose wisely--your life depends on it.

Just kidding... maybe.

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Can you recommend any self-published or indie Dystopian novels? I'd like to read/review some on my blog.

Geez... I totally fail at G+. I just noticed that many of you sent birthday wishes my way... last week.

You're awesome. I suck.

Thank you guys! Seriously, you're awesome.

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Tomara Armstrong commented on a post on Blogger.
very excited about this :)

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"The ability to connect with readers on more intimate immediate levels will help cement a place in the future of publishing for traditional publishers."

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How to Survive a Tornado: is up at @HandySurvival 
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