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Here's my circle of news organizations on Google+. (Grr, +Danny Sullivan was right about the punctuation nightmare that is G+ followed by a period.) Comment with any I'm missing, and I'll add. Thanks to +Dave Earley for starting a thread on this. Actual G+ support for brands is coming soon:

+ABC News Radio
+The Atlantic Magazine
+Austin American-Statesman
+Breaking News
+CBC News
+Chicago Sun-Times
+GMA News
+KOMU News
+Lost Remote
+Mashable News
+National Journal
+The Next Web .
+***** and +*****
+Search Engine Land News
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Since we're dealing with circles, let's go with Tangent Tuesday.
Very clever. Let's go with that.
Thanks for posting, Zach! This is great.
Yo - Thanks for including +ABC News Radio on this list, Zach. If I come across any other news orgs I'll be sure to share them here.
Seems like Google is limiting corporate signups for now
GMA news, a Philippines news org make it to your list! thanks!
Suddenly I now have a "News" circle to populate :)
Thanks for the shout out +Zach Seward. What worries me is what they say in the SELand link.

"For now we are actively discouraging businesses to adopt consumer profiles, but we have heard the feedback and will obviously do what we can down the line to build optimal experiences for all of the entities (human or otherwise) that make up our social and interest graphs"

For those creating news org presences on G+ now, are you worried that you might not be able to transfer your circles to a business page? Or that the X,000 number of people who have added you to their circles won't notice or be bothered to move with you?

But seriously. Nobody wants to wait indefinitely on Google, especially while watching their competitors lay claim to the open plains.
+ABC News Radio +Breaking News +Chicago Sun-Times +GMA News +KOMU News +Mashable News +The Next Web . +St. Louis Post-Dispatch +Weatherbird . +Search Engine Land on Google Plus
+Dave Earley It is not like they are taking up valuable land or somehow getting the lion's share of users. In fact, it is in all of our best interest for Google to separate business accounts from people accounts - not only for being able to provide business specific features to those accounts, but to better separate the marketing from the communication.
It would be nice if you could just share a circle the way you can share a twitter list
Wow, that was fast. It looks like Google has already taken a bunch of those profiles down.
So are people using this to get around the Sparks function, then? Also, will there be a Google Reader +1 function in the future?
I've discontinued +ABC News Radio's Plus Profile, per Google's wishes. We'll launch a brand page when ready. I noticed some correlation between +1s, comments, and shares with Sparks, but not a ton.
This post is quite a graveyard now. Thanks for playing, everyone!
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