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Question to all users of the app. What is your biggest challenge when using transit apps?

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Sign up for the Spanish language version of the app. It'll be available for download today for Beta users.

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The app will soon support Spanish language speakers with translated content. If you're interested in testing it, please be sure to register as a beta tester. Thanks!

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Has anyone tried scanning the codes at the bus stops with the beta version of the app?

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Be sure to register for the new Beta version that's in the Play Store. You can now scan code at bus stops.

Register for Beta versions

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Check out the latest version with built-in QR code scanner! Walk up to a bus stop, hit the scanner button in the app and point at the QR code on the sign. You'll get immediate real time info. Available only to app testers.

You must register here to access the beta version.

Please provide feedback to this community page. 

Thanks to those participating in the latest beta release, featuring auto alerts of bus schedule as you approach your favorite stops.

I'd love to hear some feedback from those who may have used the feature.

A new beta version has been released tonight that will be available to users who registered for beta testing (link on this community page) via the Play Store. 

Features integration with the new Android Wear watches and automatic notifications for your favorite bus stops as you approach them. 

To test, add a bus stop to your favorites, then look for notification on your phone status bar or watch screen when you get within 100 meters of the stop.

Feedback in this community page much appreciated!

Really interested in getting some feedback on the app's trip planner. It's definitely an area of the app that many users have issues with.

If you could make changes to the trip planner, what would they be?

Is the vehicle/bus number something that would be useful to you on the next bus prediction data?
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