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Tiffany Monhollon

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My latest article on how to promote your local business online!
Business Review USA takes a look at the top 10 ways to promote your business or brand online
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SXSW KEYNOTE: Adam Savage on Science + Art 
Main problem with art + science
They've been drifting apart
1) We see science and art as opposite from each other
2) We think science and art as separate from US 
3) Once we think we can't understand something, we don't try to
Ignorance does not equal bliss

How do we understand what's going on?
1) understanding
2) Talking to each other
This is called CULTURE - it's overt and covert
Culture is us; reactions to the world an situations around us
Being active is better. 

Are Art + Science separate from us?
- Culturally, we separate culture between high and low, the middle is the stuff we enjoy 
- Cinema: art that rides in the middle
- It's still split between artists or charlatans
- Tortured artists or doofuses
- Our response to difficult art: "i don't know much about art but I know what I like"
BUT Art isn't only what e like! 
WHY? There is no wrong response to culture; we are all agents of it
There is plenty of bad art. Egalitarianism is in our response to it

We don't think we're qualified to discuss science really
> Usually there's something too complex or too silly that we are talking about (flygin cars)
> We picture our scientists as same - nerds and geeks below 

Science is Not the Death of Art
.> The scientific method is not opposite of creativity
1) Come up with a Question
> How do you come up with a question? It's a creative endeavor to make this precise
> Important to argue, bring rigor to the question, figure out what the right answer is 
2) Form a Hypothesis
> Why could this be?
> Make it a testable hypothesis
> This is a self-generating act
> The moment you form up with a hypothesis, you can develop another
3) Form a Experiment to Test 
> This requires imagination to create, test, fulfill 

Art often responds to the culture of science happening at any given time.
> See how cubism responds to 
How we converse about who we are and what we're doing
> Nothing is beyond your understanding

Always thing about who you are actually talking to, not "who" you are talking to
New media/old media - old media doesn't know what it's doing either

#ieeesavage  #sxsw   
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Notes from awesome acting workshop with Jeffrey Tambor! #sxsw #sxswi  #jeffreytambor  
Tiffany Monhollon originally shared:
Jeffrey Tambour's Actors Workshop: SXSW Session Notes  #jeffreytambor   #sxsw   #sxswi   #actorsworkshop   

(As a writer, I always love to learn about the creative process of other storytellers! So feel free to enjoy these unedited, real-time acting workshop liveblogged notes!)

> This is like a rehearsal - to show the metrics of the rehearsal
> What do we do; it's not about happiness, it's about effectiveness and getting your film made.
> "This whole thing is a confidence game." 
> It is a question of atmosphere on the set or stage - Orson Wells - actors should look forward to their work everyday and not dread it
"To reinvent the wheel you have to be in a good mood"
Play puts you in a good mood
A good cinematographer is right there with you. Even the guy who is holding the boom can ruin your film. If he has a bad attitude. "I'm sorry, sorry," you don't want anybody rolling hteir eyes on any set. 

Scene from Betrayal: Harold Pinter 
> When talking with actors, give them Behavior - give them a task - one is cleaning the apartment, one putting on makeup 
> Direct the behavior 
> Keeps saying "you're both very talented"
"I have to give you two things: 
1) I think too much is made of realism. I like you to cover the performance and have a silhouette of the body underneath
Probes actor:
"How is he feeling" - "Agitated" - 1-10? "8" "You're giving me 1"
"I want to just punish him right in his face"
"I want you to overact - you are kid who is mad - overact 
Then tell writer and cinematographer - "Yellow pad - right that down
"You act drunk" - you go to the happy drunk when you're acting - go to the "Mean drunk" - probes the actor to dig in 
-- why don't you go their immediately - I'm mean, because I pretend - we pretend out lives, build pretense, car is pretend, career is pretend, life is pretend
"Pay attention to that emotion"
"Hit him. Now kiss him" 
We always do it at the end, give them a hand now says 

- Actor: Training himself not to use his body; uses his mind; Jeffrey encourages him to use his body.
- Actor/screenwriter notes - why are they in the same room?

> Creativity is not about keeping your nose clean, it's about getting in trouble says @jeffreytambor#jeffreytambor
>Director also protects their actors with confidence, love, food, protection 
> There's not too much praise; I will praise!
> As a director, he's on them, all day, about that - I'm going to get you. Overdo on the first take, take a print
> I don't know who it was, somebody on set took me down with pinched fingers, so I underacted
> When we come on the set, we come on with whole families
- I almost stopped this game because of training unblue
- My mom always said "did they like you" - and that will Kill you.
- Jennifer Lawrence is brave
- We all have impulses to do thing - you have to act on them. That is amazing.

> You can do a lot in an hour
> Put bugs, whispers in ears
> Director's words can change a performance or alife - do anything to get his performance, genius, to lift them

> Keep things ope, they will be there in a day - things are different today from tomorrow - Aurtur Penn said to me: Have the courage to change things - things change in life, and that's great. 

>"You have to look at yourself a little bit" As soon as it's handed over to the actor, it will have changed, as soon as they cast it, it will have changed, you've got to move it a little bit, you've got to shake it up
> "The work is on you." as a director

Actors: How do you like directors to work with you?
> I got you, keep going. They won't get angry with me for anything I would do. I need to feel safe to do weird stuff. If they can throw me out of my comfort zone and not make me feel terrible, I might get a really good thing

> Demanding excellence, specificity is great; it's about being effective
- To pull out emotion within the scene when you are out of it?
- some directors will actually talk to him while camera is rolling
- Jim mangold - would talk to him while shooting, would go back and get that moment 
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Tiffany, I've been waiting for your notes to be posted. You do such a great job. Thank you.
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Branding + Design Story of the  #newpbskids  at  #sxsw  
> Challenges
- Wanted to keep core colors, logo
- They asked for 10 RFPs, none of them worked
- Learning: "Don't Overlook In-House Talent"

> Sneak Peek - New Characters + Evolved haracters
- Evolved by growing up the older guide, gave 2 younger siblings who are mischievous and adventurous
- Dee - adventurous, jumps in, has a cape, helmet
- The other hands back, watches, wears a tail he's sensitive about it
- They are outside of the backyard now, making adventures

> Allowed ideals of simple brand
- animated line, draws in
- Simple, 2-d look

> The type - pricing for web, tv, stations, apps, etc. 
- SO, they ended up bringing the font to a commissioner - can use and give to whoever they wanted, much cheaper than licensing
- Any semi-decent idea, he would make a prototype

> Finalized many concepts into 3 core prototypes, to take to user testing

> Interesting note, things have to be for the KIDS first with this team, other teams focus on other users
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DIY America  #sxsw   #sxswi   #diyamerica   with moderator +Dylan Tweney and panel Alice Brooks, Eric Gradman, +mitch altman 
>>Can the maker movement bring manufacturing back to the US?

Many of these makers concepted their ideas in hackerspaces, with maker movement, but brining product to mass production is still happening offshore because US doesn't have the right automation to do things on a flexible scale. Not a cheap way to do this in the US right now. 

Does this resurge an industrial revolution in US?
Many places in China have bad work environments, suicide rates, but there are also good places. Like to promote the good ones. If makers choose the ones that treat their people well, promote good ones forming here in the US. There is cheap labor in the US ready to be leveraged. 

Why did you get involved in engineering?
Making things was interesting, this was a way to do more of that. 
Today, schools are setting up maker spaces so kids can make, soldier, etc. from K-6! 
Hands-on, actually making things shows them that engineering is about choosing problems and solving them says @Roominate 

What skills do you need to be a maker today?
> All you need is curiosity 
> Ability to fail
> Taking things apart
> Mechanical/electric engineering
> Programming
> Etc 
> ALSO learning the process of doing things - building your startup, finding vendors, etc. 
> When you put a business otgehter yourself, you learn as you go! 
Under this stress, you can find and grow latent skills; ask friends to help!
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Who wants to help me get my first article on Entrepreneur bumped up to one of the top 5 shared articles on the site? I'd love if if you could share, tweet, and post it to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+! And check out my advice on how to refresh your social media presence in just 7 days.
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One share coming your way!
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Our +ReachLocal Dev team is presenting our LigerMobile open source framework right now at #SXSW! Such a cool way for developers to build hybrid Andoid / iOS apps :) 
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Generation Mash-Up: Y Bother? +Pete Cashmore Session Liveblogged Notes 
Panelist backgrounds: 
> Joanna Coles - was a journalist, now is editor of Cosmopolitan, 64 international editions
> Pete Cashmore - started Mashable from his parents' bedroom and grew to a news, info, and entertainment brand
- Staff is mainly made up of millennials, based in NY, about 70% millennial
> Olivier Fleurot - started in engineering/technology, went into journalism in france, covered high tech, joined startup, developed macintosh software (first macintosh, the box), media in french newspaper, managed financial times, advertising, runs a strat comms agency with 3200 employees globally (40% are millennials, 40% gen x, some boomers)

Olivier - LinkedIn article - about tech generation in the workplae; friction on ideas Gen Y have  - a sense of voice being born digital gives you -  - Milennials are ambitious, want management roles earlier in career
- We need to give new opportunities, new challenges on a more frequent basis than before; you wont' manage to retain them all, but htis is a new way of life to keep them interested
- Are very entrepreneurial - how do you manage a company with 3200 people with 40% entrepreneurial - give them specific projects; make them lead on initiatives, convert into intrapreneuers

How do you set up the right structure to get most out of people
This has to evolve, also leverage the right tools says Cashmore
- Listen to the whole org but still have clarity in decision making
- Have team leads on dpts who meet each week, what each dpt needs, wants, to manage resources and effect on whole org
- You need to use more of a network model, rather than a singular node
- If it's a singular node, you need more connections between people and departments to keep things flowing
- Technology and tools - this means we need to be a learning company. Try new things, give decision power to try new things to many people in the org

What to do about ambition when it is unrealistic?
> Research shows millennials want to be in management role 2 years
- are they in a hurry because tech they grew up with is growing so fast
- Is there confusion that they are the technology? Cole
- There are tools at 24 when you came out of college actual experience doesn't give
- There's an expectation of more frequency now; what the path is, how long to next points
- Tyranny of the annual review
- How do you org. salary a Mashable? Early, didn't have levels; now there are agreed upon tiers; you can point to the objective structure because this is respected as a qualified thing that is for everyone
- Titles at first can be a way to keep people on an engagement track, varies based on a role
"You're becoming a normal company" - evolved this process from where it was about years and tenure to performance, results

Leading the org v employee reactions
> In organizations, we build a platform, our employees and leaders are in same platform - we contribute back
> Transparency means that you cant have a PR campaign and run the business different inside; you need to be good to people and all face the same direction 
> People know, if you go against a company on twitter, others won't hire you 
> There is very little opaqueness about orgs anymore
> A lot of people had jobs because they had more information than other people; hierarchy was made proportional to amount of info people had within the org; this is changing 
- The hierarchy is flattening because of this
- Millennials research - they want their boss to be a friend 
- There's an intrinsic confidence expertise and putting hours in 

On Job Security
Being loyal to a company, they appreciate that but aren't in control of economic factors that are changing them
It's not that corporations no longer have loyalty to employees; economics moving too fast
> Joanna Coles shoutout to personal brand:

On title inflation
> There are some benefits and some issues. You can see titles like Chief Talent Officer - but I feel like that's my position here says Olivier 
- Define what you expect of people within regular 
> Millennials are less interested in taking 2-years international 

On being a younger boss when you manage those older than you
> As a group of  8 leaders across the org, we listen into the org, that's what decision making is; resource allocation, who gets what, what it costs - what are the 3 things we want to achieve this year, if not, we don't do them
> Very experienced person in charge of editorial; he's completely in charge of editorial, but budgets, items that impact across org, I help meet on

On the physical workplace
> It's funny that people think millennials want open spaces; they want balance, need space where they can focus and work too 
- Build with all glass so you can see people
- Sound wise, you want privacy

How do you do open door policy?
- Physical open door, send an email, twitter, LinkedIn
- Interacts this way with people in the org
- Use an accessible structure; there are very few things where I get involved on things; after that's done, people go, do projects, at that point its distributed and I don't have to get involved

Millennials and Work/Life Balance
> People working in different countries, regions  - how much time do people need in physical interaction to work well together

On Work/Life Balance
Women in the workplace: 
Employers need to take pride in weekends, taking time off
Do you contact your staff over the weekends? No says Cashmore. Yes says Olivier. 
Weekends are for reading, esp. for the senior team. It's nothing with an expectation to reply, it's more casual and trends
As a smaller org, did not take weekends off
When you have enough people to cover the week
Is it work or is it fun? When you love what you are doing, in a creative industry, you do what you love and do it whenever you have; don't see it as a cost
Work isn't something you have to do says Cashmore
In the past, it was work is something you don't want to do; life is something you do want to do. There is a shift - Cashmore 
> Millennials are better at saying "NO" and this empowers you do be able to do that too, Coles
> Culture of company comes from the top; upper mgmt should explain this and define how they see home and life time v. work time
> Technology puts pressure on everybody because of expectation on quick reponse

"Turn off read receipts on email and text"

Connect with older generations
> Mutual respect - a reverse process; mentoring
> Also, not feeling threatened
> Millennials are keen to adance careers, see in others with more experience helps them ask questions, have drive - a good thing 
> Haven't seen deviciveness to not comm. 

#sxsw    #sxswi     #ybother     #generations     #millennials   +Olivier Fleurot, +Joanna Coles  #joannacoles   
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Tiffany Monhollon

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Hacking Princess Culture: SXSW Talk Live Notes
SaraDewitt (PBS Kids), Lindsey Shepard (GoldieBlox), Jennifer Oxley (9ate7 Productions)

> How they got involved in what they do
> What's being created for girls ow
> What representations of women three are in games, toys, media today

*Sara DeWitt *
> 9 years old, bought coding books to create their own games, cassette tapes to record games
> Had to bug test if didn't copy/type code right
> 1999, degree in English, focus on child development
> Thread on how to share narrative on interactive media
- with a background in child media, 
- developed good game ideas for ids, coded features, 
- Oversees team that does PBS Kids site, streaming services, experiments with tech to further ed. in this media
- Work focuses on education field, crosses over with gaming world
- A woman in the tech + games industry
- It's hard to find the women - often the only woman on a panel; strange because there are so many girls playing video games
- 2012, brought 8-week son to SXSW - a very female-friendly conference
- not many services, support ystems 
- Other lens: working mom at conferences

Jennifer Oxley (Peg+Cat)
- 8-year old girl building a toy car powered by a mousetrap
- Today, many girls don't have this support system
- Created a math show 
- Working mom in the animation industry
- Pilot green light for peg + Cat, 9-months later, delivered a TV-show and a baby

Lindsey Shepard, GoldieBlox
- Took stuff apart, try to figure out how it works
- Now, 2 kids of her own (boys) - focuses on raising feminists
- Not play into stereotypes society sets us up for
- 2012, worked at jewelry company, now VP of Sales - GoldieBlox
- How to get girls interested in STEM
- Path of Goldieblox has been unusual 
- GoldieBlox won 
- Another title " Mom in Residence" - syndergy in what she does for a living and what she does from home
- Every day, making the world better for other women in the field
- Engineering itself isn't just a degree, it's a lifestyle

Girls + Toys
- Only 13% of engineers are women - this doesn't represent society at large
- Girls lose math, sci INTEREST + CONFIDENCE around age 8
- But building, making, has been markete through toys to Boys for 100 years
- The people who created the pink asile ARE NOT WOMEN, they are a bunch of old guys in suits

Stop making it fashionable for girls to be dumb
Sheena Davis - women portrayed on TV outnumnered 3:1; STEAM girls outnumbered 5:1

Girls and Games 
- kids have access to games earlier and earlier
- A lot of kids are online
- Erly, you start to see a divide between what girls and boys do online -  - Girls join virtual world, social networking, to blog earlie
- Boys a little more likely to 
- Work teams with 50:50 membership are more expiramental
- In 2009, women were more successful at startups, with less funding than men.

Curated lists of games for girls?
Games for girls - The nuts and bolts matter! How are tagging games, for girls? ADULTS are building this false pink segregation for girls. 
There is no curated list of games for boys. 
> Minecraft - it's a game that spans the gap much better; many girls and boys playing 
As a girl on minecraft, girls are more bullied by boys
But girls who do something cool, they stand out more
There is a bit of gender tension on the site
These re very STEM focused skills

What's the Problem with PINK?
- Many people are sensitive with the color pink
- When did the shift happen to pink being just a girl color? In the 80s, things were ok, 

What about Dads with Girls?
> It's dads who are more likely to buy STEM toys for girls!
> Dad who plays "speculative Alien Anatomy" with his daughter - they make up creatures, but the daughter must explain how the feature is needed in the alien environment - they need big tube arms to catch the stardust

> Girls playing minecraft must create a girls space, or don't identify themselves as girls 
> IT's JUST AS IMPORTNAT TO SAY THESE THINGS TO SONS to welcome girls and women into these spaces
> The gaming industry needs to step up a bit

Normalize the idea of girls doing anyhing the want to do
> Girls Who Code - 
> Hour of Code - 
> Tynker
> GameStarMechanic

- Kids have taken coding classes since in preschool
- Creating an environment where it's safe to play with your kids creates trust 

STEAM - Art  Music - the role of getting kids involved in STEM
- STEAM is becoming a bit of a buzzword, but it's important to address music and 
- Taking the learning on the show - Peg+Cat has music, peg draws on screen; trying to make the connection b/t art, music + math
- Science is Real - so awesome! They sing great songs about subjects

Stereotypes: Boys + Girls
> There's a thought that girl games don't sell as well as boy games
- There's not as much revenue being made from the female audience in Japan 
- In preschool this is a huge battle parents face. Fight the good fight and keep 
- Boys lead are seen as "leaders" Girls lead are seen as "bossy" - it's negative for a girl to stand up and be a leader
- How does media they consumer reinforece that?
- Only 6% of startup CEOs are women
- Cheryl Sandberg - Ban Bossy campaign - instead of calling a girl bossy, tell hr she has future executive leadership skills
- Frustration with lack of non-violent - biggest factors to change?
>> More diversity in the creators
- Alexa Cafe - more girls into programming
- Hard to get girls to register for programming, girls want to interact with people, change the world 
Bob Hendershot's profile photo
Thank you, +Tiffany Monhollon 
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Tiffany Monhollon

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At least it's cool! #sxsw #sxswi #atx
But I thought cats hated water?
#caturday #sxsw #grumpycat #sxswi
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