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Tiffany Monhollon
Works at ReachLocal
Attended University of Oklahoma
Lived in Dallas, TX
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Tiffany Monhollon

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So proud of my husband +Robert Wilson's incredible work on Bitch Planet #3 with +Kelly Sue DeConnick that hits comic shelves today! Here's a look at my take on this awesome, female-powered book and a highlight of early reviews on the issue, and a list of places Rob will be signing the book this week #feminism #comics #girlpower #bitchplanet #highfives   #dallas  
Roundup of reviews for Bitch Planet #3 focusing on Penny, written by Kelly Sue Deconnick and drawn by Robert Wilson IV.
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Tiffany Monhollon

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What do small business owners secretly fear the most? The results of our anonymous survey are up on today in this infographic that also features ideas on how to overcome these fears
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Tiffany Monhollon

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Great insights on managing content marketing within your organization, tapping into outsource, agency, in-house pros and dedicated teams. What's your approach? #contentmarketing  
Kim Larson, head of Google BrandLab, believes creating content calls for both new thinking and new structures—in marketing departments. Larson, who helps more than 100 global brands each year develop digital strategies, explains how the first step in creating great content is building a winning team structure.
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Tiffany Monhollon

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How are you getting a handle on meetings? Here are 5 tips I'm putting in place, plus some handy Google Calendar hacks to help you stick to them! What would you add to this list? Would love to hear your thoughts!
I don't know about you, but I've been finding that meetings are eating up at least, on a good week, 50% of my time. That means between email, planning, reviewing, etc. I have really only about 25% of
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nice place. I like there.
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Tiffany Monhollon

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Awesome to see my post on quick social media posts as the top article on +MarketingProfs the last two days! 
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Great article, +Tiffany Monhollon . Thanks for sharing.
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Tiffany Monhollon

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Our +ReachLocal Dev team is presenting our LigerMobile open source framework right now at #SXSW! Such a cool way for developers to build hybrid Andoid / iOS apps :) 
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Tiffany Monhollon

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So excited to share our new website and logo! So much thought, effort, and passion went into the new, and I'm really proud of what our team built! Check it out :)
We're exited to announce a new website and logo this week! 
We've launched an all new website and updated brand look and feel at ReachLocal. Come see what it's all about!
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Tiffany Monhollon

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What are the secret fears of SMBs? In my latest post, I share real small business owner confessions from our anonymous survey, along with some ways to help alleviate these common fears. Enjoy, and feel free to share!
We asked small business owners to share their biggest secret fears in an anonymous survey. We received many great responses and selected our top five to share with you. We put together our top tips on how to address these fears that are common in many businesses – both large and small. What keeps SMBs up at night? Here are five confessions small business owners shared with us of their secret fears, along with tips on how to overcome these fears. ...
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Tiffany Monhollon

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What can the puppies of the Internet teach us about online marketing? Aside from harnessing the power of cute, here are some takeaways I put together. Hope you enjoy! 
Puppies plus online marketing? See what these adorable pups of the Internet can teach us about online marketing.
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Tiffany Monhollon

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Do you like the internet? Tell the FCC to protect it!

The FCC has proposed rules that would allow paid "fast lanes" on the internet. Many people (including me) not to mention hundreds of tech companies like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, Yahoo--plus tons of startups--worry that the FCC's proposed rules will break the internet in very bad ways.

So here's where the internet needs you. If you feel strongly that the the internet need protection from paid fast lanes, join me in telling the FCC to protect the internet. It's easy to do! Here's how: 

1. Go to and look for docket number 14-28 ("Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet") and click on 14-28.

2. Enter your name and address, and your comments. That's it!

For example, I'll be writing that "the FCC should protect net neutrality by reclassifying broadband providers as common carriers under Title II."

But it literally takes under a minute to give your opinion to the FCC. Write whatever you feel, but if you like the internet and want it protected, you need to tell the FCC now. Right now, there's 21,549 comments on the FCC's proposed rules. I think there should be at least a hundred thousand comments from people on the web telling the FCC not to allow paid fast lanes on the net. Please tell the FCC what you think!
Over at The Verge, editor-in-chief Nilay Patel is urging his readers to contact the Federal Communications Commission and urge the regulator to stand up for consumer protections, competition and to...
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mehim jid
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Tiffany Monhollon

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My latest article on how to promote your local business online!
Business Review USA takes a look at the top 10 ways to promote your business or brand online
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Tiffany Monhollon

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SXSW KEYNOTE: Adam Savage on Science + Art 
Main problem with art + science
They've been drifting apart
1) We see science and art as opposite from each other
2) We think science and art as separate from US 
3) Once we think we can't understand something, we don't try to
Ignorance does not equal bliss

How do we understand what's going on?
1) understanding
2) Talking to each other
This is called CULTURE - it's overt and covert
Culture is us; reactions to the world an situations around us
Being active is better. 

Are Art + Science separate from us?
- Culturally, we separate culture between high and low, the middle is the stuff we enjoy 
- Cinema: art that rides in the middle
- It's still split between artists or charlatans
- Tortured artists or doofuses
- Our response to difficult art: "i don't know much about art but I know what I like"
BUT Art isn't only what e like! 
WHY? There is no wrong response to culture; we are all agents of it
There is plenty of bad art. Egalitarianism is in our response to it

We don't think we're qualified to discuss science really
> Usually there's something too complex or too silly that we are talking about (flygin cars)
> We picture our scientists as same - nerds and geeks below 

Science is Not the Death of Art
.> The scientific method is not opposite of creativity
1) Come up with a Question
> How do you come up with a question? It's a creative endeavor to make this precise
> Important to argue, bring rigor to the question, figure out what the right answer is 
2) Form a Hypothesis
> Why could this be?
> Make it a testable hypothesis
> This is a self-generating act
> The moment you form up with a hypothesis, you can develop another
3) Form a Experiment to Test 
> This requires imagination to create, test, fulfill 

Art often responds to the culture of science happening at any given time.
> See how cubism responds to 
How we converse about who we are and what we're doing
> Nothing is beyond your understanding

Always thing about who you are actually talking to, not "who" you are talking to
New media/old media - old media doesn't know what it's doing either

#ieeesavage  #sxsw   
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I'm a word nerd, bringing content, community and social strategy to life each day. In love with life with my amazing comic book artist husband and our adorable Shiba Inu pup Kashi. 

When I'm not writing, I'm reading, researching, cooking, singing, dreaming or hanging out at a comic convention. In my ideal world, anyway. (You know, the one without laundry).

I work at ReachLocal, where I help local business owners learn more about how to build a web presence that works to bring in more local customers through ReachCast, which won the Mashable Award for "Best Social Media Service for Small Business" this year! 

I'm currently serving as Vice President of Programming for SMC Dallas. 

I'm also fascinated by the culture of the web and am trying to unpack the concept of what it means to live life as a Cyborg Professional.

I just finished my Master's degree in journalism at the University of Oklahoma, where I completed primary research in the area of how the use of social media affects the relationship between journalists and PR professionals. 

If you'd like to add me to a circle, here are some of the topics I love hearing about:
  • Creativity
  • Writing
  • Social strategy
  • Business innovation
  • Evolution of SEO
  • Case studies
  • Research and statistics
  • Blogging
  • Media law
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Web culture
  • Hilarious web comics
  • Comic books and graphic novels
  • Fiction and literature
  • Pop culture
  • Cooking
  • Healthy recipes
  • Shiba Inu
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Art
  • Handmade movement
Bragging rights
Survived grad school with a full time job.
  • University of Oklahoma
    Journalism & Mass Communication: PR & Advertising Emphasis, 2010
  • Oklahoma Baptist University
    Public Relations, Religion, 2004
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Tiffany Wilson
Senior Content Marketing Manager: content, community, marketing & social strategy
  • ReachLocal
    Senior Content Marketing Manager, 2011 - present
  • ReachLocal
    Digital Content Manager, 2010 - 2011
  • Express Employment Professionals
    Communications & Social Media Manager, 2005 - 2010
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