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I made pig candy on Monday. Mmmmm 
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I just got a smoker this spring and I am interested in suggestions for what types of wood chips any one recommends and what woods seem to go best with what types of meat. 

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I picked up some rib eyes on vacation, mmmmmmmmmmmm, they were good!
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So if any body has a chromecast, I was trying to play the roll it chrome experiment game and the screen just went pink after the game officially started. If anyone could try it I wasn't sure if it is a limit of my 1.5 Meg internet connection or the limitation of the hardware. Thanks

I'm not saying this is what's wrong with America but it's a start! Mid season finale??? Wtf 

So much for no spoilers, congrats +Ashley Esqueda I was hoping to hear it on the podcast but! it is what it is! 

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Swotw on my computer running blue stacks. This just made my day a lot better. Cunt boggle 

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If you don't follow +James Bricknell on twitter then maybe you missed this. The future will be so awesome when it gets here, newspapers and books on computers! Oh some day when will you be here? 

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Haha I don't know who could appreciate this now than a bunch of techfools. Happy new year everybody. 

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Year end review auto awesome videos? Any body else get one? 
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