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Maja Ćorić
..and don't forget your towel!
..and don't forget your towel!

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Snow storm in April
Hello everybody. As the title clearly states, we have woken up today, to see the snow falling down. Yes, a thick, heavy, wet snow is dropping from the sky and putting everything at.. a risk? a standstill? a silent pause?! With that in mind, I have found a s...

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Of course there is an Easter Bunny.
Hello everybody. How are you all feeling today? This year we are all united (at least in this thing!): all around globe, we're celebrating Easter at the same date. Some years, like this one, dates match, and then there is no issue of: "oh, thanks, but you s...

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Mr. Frank Henderson had a lovely home.
Hello everybody When I was a child, there used to be a saying among the older folks, It goes like this: if you want never ever to be bored again, in your life - get a house.  In these past few days, as spring is starting to force everything to grow, jobs se...

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Midweek magazines: Permanent garden beds
Hello everybody. A quote, to begin with: "Oh, gardening is such hard work!" My friends: this is what I feel like some days. I have a dream (and a Resolution number one, remember those ?!). Back in time, I was sitting in front of the computer screen and made...

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"Gardening? What are we to do?!" - I'll tell you.
Hello everybody. By day seven, you're hooked. :) (what is this? it's a continuing sentence from my previous post ) After the first few days of adjustment to all the hurts and pains of our winter-body while it's learning to cope (with bending, kneeling, drag...

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...come MARCH(ing) in. :)
Hello everybody. With just few days before Spring officially takes over, I'm ready to admit a few things about my life, style, and activities. Nothing drastic ( definitively nothing that can be counted as criminal! ), nothing shocking and nothing paranormal...

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Waiting for snow-drops
Hello everybody. It's February. This is a first post after some time. In case some of you might have wondered about what has happened to me, is everything all right on this side of the screen (or why there are even no Love Stories on Sundays), I owe an answ...

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Love Story: Ugly Duckling
Heads up, everybody! There is a SEVERE sub-zero temperature wave happening right now in the large part of Europe. One of the reasons there's a lack of posts this week and this post is late is because of this emergency-state that we are in. Making sure the a...

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Midweek magazines: When TIME magazine makes cakes
Hello everybody. With all the winter holidays well behind your backs, most of you are getting back to your regular daily schedules, work spaces and day-to-day tasks. It's back to "usual" - but, not over here. Since we are tagging along (for exactly two week...

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HAPPY NEW YEAR.. and a Love Story: My too popular boyfriend
Hello everybody Happy New Year! . . . May this year illuminates your path, wherever you might chose to go,  may your steps be light and your road peaceful, may you have endless reasons to smile and share the joy with others and may your dreams come true! I ...
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