Want to be part of Google+'s first Easter Egg Trail? Sign up today!

We're going to play along with this idea that +Clayton Condon's had and wondered if any of you guys were up for it too... it's as easy as 1,2,3:

1) Search 'Easter Egg' on www.Clker.com and pick any one; add it subtly to your profile 'scrapbook' pictures.

2) Reply to this post to let us know you've done so, and follow +The Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt so they can add you to their 'Egg Hunt' Circle

3) Start hunting and tagging yourself in the eggs of all of those you find! Head over to +The Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt this weekend for hints of where they might appear, and info on what to do when you've found as many as you can.

If you're on Schemer you can also sign up here:

PS: Here in the UK we run real world Easter Egg Trails at over 250 National Trust locations. Find out more: http://www.eastereggtrail.com/
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