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Nutmeg is changing the way people manage their money by its smart, secure, and straightforward online investment management tools. It is designed to be affordable, transparent, and available to eve......
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Future Run

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Goalbook is a secure platform for schools to manage and collaborate around student Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). Its goal is to help the educators to collaborate more efficiently, streamline co......
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Readmill is an iPad app and accompanying Web site that helps users highlight passages in the e-books they are reading, and turns those passages into shareable, embeddable permalinks. Just as you po......
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Diary Memo is a website that brings the tradition of recording your daily thoughts into the digital, video age. It is a website where you can keep private, online video diary. With this, you can si......
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Instagram is a free photo sharing and social network that has gone viral over the months. In this app, you can see thousands of pictures that range on just about anything. But what if I tell you th......
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American Para Professional Systems, Inc. (APPS) is the most steady paramedical service provider in the insurance industry. It has a complete commitment to the examination process which provides the......
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Future Run

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Most of our inboxes are unorganized. They are cluttered with mails that are not at all important, and most of the time, we don’t have the time to get through each of it to figure out which ones to ......
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Love tweeting, Browsing, Games and so on.
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Vitogo: Your Strength Training Architect

Vitogo is your personal trainer that assesses your fitness level and goals to choose a strength training program that is right for you and i

Linkcious: Related Links for Blogs

It is truly a difficult task to recommend the most relevant related links or products for e- commerce sites automatically on larger sites. T

Sony Tablet S – Newest tablet on the market

After Apple’s revolution in the tablet market every company is trying to make its mark on the market. One of them is Sony with their newest

XO-3 – Doesn’t every child deserve a tablet?

Oh the children. They are our dreams, our hopes and they cannot prosper in these circumstances if they don’t have a laptop. Even the ones in

Huawei Ascend P1 – Big Caliber

The smart phone market has never been so interesting as 2012 and it will be a breaking point for a lot of the major competitors, bringing so

PO- Motion: Affordable, Customizable, Easy to Use Interactive Floor and ...

PO- Motion is the first affordable DIY interactive wall and floor projection software. It lets you buy pre- made interactive games and effec

Green Wheel – Grow Your Plants The Sci-Fi Way

It was the 1980s when NASA developed a concept of growing edible plants and herbs inside the spacecrafts, in zero- gravity environment. This

Lemon, a cloud receipt organizer, raises $10M

Lemon, a cloud-based receipt manager and tracker, raises $10M in funding from Lightspeed and Balderton Capital. Lemon allows you to organize

Nokia PureView 808 – Remarkable 41MP camera

Nokia is a brand that will be always in our hearts. Also, it is a company that makes a lot of strategic mistakes. They are struggling to pus

ShinyNeedle: A Hand for Both Employers and Candidates

Filling an open job slot is not exactly a walk in the park. Resumes are tweaked to make an applicant look good as possible. And needless to

DeskAway: Online Project Collaboration

DeskAway is a new online project collaboration that incorporates some of the social networking elements in web based project collaboration.

Samsung DV300F – A camera with new options

Samsung always finds a way to surprise us with its gadgets. They have introduced dual screen cameras with front screens not so recently and

Computer Science Researchers Develop Sensors To Find Lost Items

Technology is forever helping us lead better lives, although in some respects, more complex lives. If you are forgetful, two computer scienc

BetBomb: Online Sports Betting

If betting is your thing, is for you. With this service, you can experience all the excitement of betting on your favorite sport

ShuttleCloud: The Fastest Data Migration

ShuttleCloud is a new service for data migration. It makes sure that changing the company’s name and transferring essential information duri

Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5162- The New Best Seller

Toshiba Satellite is a part of Toshiba’s offer for long time; it stands for a middle range notebook solution and it represents the middle gr

Limitedpix: Buy, Sell, Discover Great Digital Art

Limitedpix is an art community for photography and digital art integrating a pricing platform. Through it, you can bring art to your walls.

Grubwithus: Meet New Friends over Food

The premise of Grubwithus is rather simple, yet amazing. What it basically does is to help you dine on a restaurant you’d like to go to. It

OpenTok: Integrate Group Video Chat Into The Web

A prominent communication provider on web video, TokBox has launched a game- changing platform that merges group video communication into th