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Worlds first crypto-currency with reversible transactions!
Worlds first crypto-currency with reversible transactions!

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Reversecoin, explained visually!
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With Reversecoin, you can create two different kinds of accounts: Standard Accounts and Vault Accounts. Standard accounts behave very much like your Bitcoin accounts and allow you to send and receive money for daily purposes. Vault accounts behave much like you bank savings account, where you can deposit large amount of coins and keep them safe from hackers. Each vault account has a configurable timeout and is backed by two key pairs, one online and one offline. You only need online keypair to transfer coins from vault. When you transfer your coins using online keypair, your transactions get confirmed after they live in blockchain for the timeout period.

      If someone steals your online key pair and transfers coins to them, the transactions will have to wait in block chain for the timeout period. During which, you can use your offline key pair and reverse those transactions and restore your coins to your other address. You can also use your offline key pair for immediate transfer of coins in your Vault, instead of waiting for timeout period. In a sentence, Vault account has the ease of use of hot wallets (online account) and security of cold wallets (offline accounts). We are also working on a monitoring service, to send you real-time alerts, when your coins are transferred from your addresses. To know more about Reversecoin, read our white paper or even better checkout our website to play with the code, to see for yourself how Reversecoin works.

White Paper :

Website :
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