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voice, "yours is a nuclear fate," 2016, inescapable, beware

-And you all wonder why the Angel Gabriel declared us the generation of fulfillment, right into the Seventh Angel. Herein the generation that Jesus explained can't past away until all is fulfilled, The Genesis man now sorely under
attack, choosing to be homophile is no different than taking the beast mark.
-Incalculable desolations beginning this year US abominable, detestable lives, lands and churches. Those for which I've seen ravenous beast eating at their prosperity, politics, pulits/pews and their porches, God is not mocked, the greatest of man fears looms, Jesus' Millennium reign. Got Him, got Jesus yet? Apb, The RAM, and

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Righteously Dividing The Enemy

-Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, (a voice, "Mark, 17 and 7." 2003, And There Was Silence In Heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, in my closet 1993 AD,

Prophecy Link

-A Voice Declaring: "I have bears (see bear market, even a bear eating people while they sat their porches, 2001, a stock market in which prices are falling, encouraging selling), in 120 counties (countries), 07/25/2016
-Seen to be seeing a pale horse judgement, followed by an Islamic reign, and the collapse of 190 years of western civilization, 12/25/2001-2017

Her Cup Filled With Martyred Blood

Cancel Elections 2016, Make It Alter Of Prayer, Jesus The Answer, see Joel 2,

-I visit less, lest I comment, but when you are Alex going to get it? It is as a visiting Angel Gabriel forewarn, 2004, the fulfillment of all end time bible prophecy. That's into the proposed sounding of the seventh angel, Rev. 11, which has a stronghold on free humanity (see the heathen rage, Us elections, Psalm 2, 37,1998), and not even the elite will prevail. To be crystal clear, nothing, no one will, except those who are unto heart felt repentance, (Psalm 51), and I'm talking right now.
-Little is it realized, but this is what Elohim is conversing about upon His decision to scatter mankind into babel, and why he was so fierce against Nimrod's Tower. Nothing but these efforts of His long-suffering primary transgressor and now America, the free-world. For when men gather, together, now Alex get this, it's the call of Elohim 2004, to separate Britain and America into itty, bitty pieces. A forewarning of such world nations that goes back as far as King Nebuchadnezzar, Dan. 2, now see Brexit.
-The apostle James, born brother of Jesus said it so clearly, and remember except the Lord build it, it's vanity, a reaching for the wind, fires into dust, wind, is, will have it's way with it. It's even why here lately Holy Spirit just came out and said, truly nothing but the perishing of the souls of men prompting, it. When all of sudden He lamented, how "self, need to be pound into the dust," (dead as a buried seed, rise anew, rise Jesus, fan in His Hand.).
-Understand, until then no flesh is safe, because men gathered together in whatever faction, there is then envy, jealousy and strife, there is then confusion (without a righteous head), and every evil work, (see Satan's Seat dominating mass assembly, these 2000 years). Once and only as you Alex understand why Elohim scattered the people into babel, Gen. 11:1-9, all to protect them, in the first, then you'll understand why America, now Mystery Babel, (Babylon), never was the blessing, which is why Satan so freely offered it to Jesus as a form of temptation.
-It has always been and always will be this only name given under heaven whereby mankind can be saved, Jesus Christ. It is only by Him veils of illusions, and darken mirrors fail, and the curse of strong delusions fade into oblivion. Relentlessly, Elohim is constantly trying to tell rebellious hearted men something to turn him from sin, though be forewarn, not for long, at lest not by the Righteous Bride, the Bridegroom arrives and She's bidden to the wedding supper, ready or not. Beware, cancel 2016 elections, stop straddling the fence, make this final effort to kiss this Son, Jesus, lest we all perish, Apb, The RAM,

see one of many love letters, here,

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Righteously Dividing The Enemy

-Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, (a voice, "mark 17 and 7, like the days of Noah), And There Was Silence In Heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet 1993 AD

God With His Back To It All, (1986), Call Off The 2016 Elections, Remember, Return and Repent! (see Joel 2).

Prophecy Links

-Seem to have my unbelieving children to for a change forewarn me, how bad the last of this month, June, to the first of next month, July, 06/24/2016, see (2016-2017), (Holy Spirit forewarn something similar, 1998 (see Jer. 37:8, 1998), said lots of people would die, because of it.

Go In And Behold The Wicked Abominations That They Do,

-First, Imagine, Ezekiel 7 is being realized American soil, Western Civilization and soon across the entire world, by which the seeming abandon by Christ's Bride of it's desperate people laments, and I quote, thousands of years of scripture, "for the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand? Henceforth, just as evil corrupt men have their devilish to demonic plans, Elohim, since the foundation of the world has His. None as of right now returning to this Merciful Father void and something called the Judgement of the nations, proceeding for a thousand years the great white throne is one of them.
-This is where you hear the seventh Angel, trumpet judgment, Gabriel forewarn of 2004, lamenting and I quote, how the Kingdom of men have become the kingdoms of God and his Christ," that even as you read, their Kingdom reign over those rebellious man. So much so, there has these thirty years of ministry been a calculation in my prophetic ministry that's an Asteroid, attack coupled along the arrival of Jesus Christ.
-Only to have my now ascended spouse to forewarn about keeping a head up of pending, even alien dangers, coming from above, that the stone cut out without hands, that's suppose to obliterate to dust everything rebellious man, was just shown 02/14/2015, to have the surface of a meteor. Then for a certainty, no question, the sentence judgment 2001-2017, was something so cataclysmic that it in only an hour end newly 200 years of westernized civilization. So ask yourselves what manner of cataclysmic happening can in only a matter of minutes end the mightiest system of it's famed collaborations of corrupt men, since Nimrod's Towering Babel? Even see here,

A Voice Declaring: "Asteroid Destroy Wisconsin, 2010, Apb, and just recently as a week or so ago, something about, boiling like in a pot, this great northern. Apb

I was given as a word of knowledge Ezekiel the 4th chapter, a month or so past, for this prophet its to act as a warning, that in less than two years, lest rebellious man become complacent, their enemy, first being God's wrath would come and decimate them, their own soil. That only as you understand how from 1986 until his second at present, Holy Spirit been showing me this continuing come to end time cataclysms, state of continuing emergency, America, even those ending her, as surely as the dispensation of grace and the church age resign into God's Kingdom's Age.
Devastation's from especially three mightier than them all powers, damater, (superier natural disasters), the heavens, (Asteroid, Meteors, CME), warring factions (Terrorism, EMP, Nuclear War/Antichrists). Those sorrows, death and dying equal to and beyond those horrors shattering Jeremiah's heart into a millions pieces portrayed by his lamenting testimony, as this eye witness. Ezekiel was to remind his Judah, as I you, yourselves, lest continually you are deceived, how regardless as, as before the September 11th attacks. That the free world cried peace and safety, actually all the mightier, greater than imaginable disasters is upon them right now, per America's soil blood guiltiness. All following Obama's administration, those so climatic they warrant both a pale horse, to Islamic reign judgment, awake, Apb, see here,

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Righteously Dividing The Enemy

-Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, ( a voice, "Mark 17 and 7,"), And There was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993 AD, (my people are being stripped of everything Jesus Christ, Apb).

Prophecy Link

-What did I see? I saw the Righteous Bride now reigning in heaven doing great tribulation, I saw that she had in her possession the stone cut out without hands. I saw that it had the surface of a meteor, I further saw that when she released it, I heard a voice lament, and I quote, "this is the anti-Christ (NWO), murderer," 02/14/2015 (now, right now, come out of prediction, see Dan. 2:3-49, see Angel Gabriel 2004), Apb

It Had The Surface Of A Meteor 02/14/2015

-Lest Gregory you forget, I testified of seeing an Islamic reign by the name of Hussein as surely as he, Obama Himself, even predicted it, as I by Rev. 11:1, 2, predicted a Hussein White House 2003. I went on to by visions and dreams, oddly enough to witness in the spirit world, a world outcry for a Hussein to reign. Appointed a time table of two weeks and sevens years 2008/2009/ in that order, even those two beast rise, 2008, see Rev. 13. This is all proof, Hussein Obama's rule if nothing else has proven to be a prelude to, for the powers of the anti-Christ to come in of himself, of his prophetic rule and change everything; this to include causing millions even at this moment, refusing to repent, theirs lives, and their souls, got Jesus yet? Awake, Apb, The Ram, see more here,

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Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Prophecy Links

There's Something About Cooking Great Northern, just this out break of Catastrophes On American Soil, On The Earth 07/19/2016
Seem to all be living on one plantation, this homeless shelter, soon evacuated into a closed Mexican Border, 07/14/2016

And I Shall Send Them Strong Delusions, That They Be Deceived

And The Nations Are Angry

-Lest they all wonder why the country, into the entirety of western civilization is falling apart, not one stone to be left upon another, 1986-2016/17, as so, 2017-2024. That's of abominations practiced, no not even their prized Trump can stop it, no amount of money, only the Trump, Christ of God, see Jesus Christ, please, see, read more here, Apb, The RAM,

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Righteously Dividing The Enemy

And The Nations, America, Were Angry, And Thy Wrath Is Come

-I woke singing this song after I'd been demonstrated upon by a roll call out of the book of life. That every time a name was summoned, it fluttered and floated out of these ancient of days pages off into space; then as I testified I awaken from this beyond phenomenon singing this amazing song.
There are many versions of it, so I caution you only listen to the lyrics of this song, not all it's singers are heaven bound. Remember Jesus said, not all who call Him Lord will enter into heaven, yet having sin in their heart, Mat. 7:21-23 see 1 Jn. 1, 3 chapters
I've witness entire families get so close to God's Kingdom they could actually hear his voice. "And I will wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more sorrows, nor pain, neither shall there be any more death for the former things are passed away."Then they all felled, again entire families, down and down into their deaths, having climbed up any other way besides Christ as this blessed Shepherd/Savior.
Ages ago my pastor called it the most prejudice hour of the week, Sunday services, actually mass assembly is the most hypocritical hours on this entire planet. That's trying to worship God, without Christ Jesus as Lord. He, Jesus/God, regardless of Him loving the world right into a bloody/blessed cross, he will cast off millions yet having sin. Awake, Apb, The RAM, see here,

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     I received as a word of knowledge, I guess that pundit of our up and coming 4th of July celebration, a voice saying, and I quote, "Turkey Leg," 06/30/2016, I admit, I didn't think much of it, and a few days later their was a terrorist attack in Turkey, and now this, Apb

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Prophecy Links

     Seen to have as a word of knowledge, wisdom, the words, lyrics to Eddie Kendricks song, "Keep On Trucking," (Civils Rights Era, 1968), playing for days and days in my head, told my granddaughter Makhya, how it could mean a terrorist attack by a truck, or trucks, meaning this my not be over, a day later, I read about Nice, France, Apb
A Voice Declaring: "One Error/Era unto a New Fear Factor," 2003, (see war on axis of evil, terrorism),
A Voice Declaring: "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, see Noah's Ark, see the end of rebellious man).
Seen to be seeing a huge container fall on Saddam Hussein, a voice declaring: "Hussein is injured and will not recover," 2003, see Bush wars

 The Chaldean (Terrorist, Jer.37:8, 1998), Will Come, Take Your Cities, Burn Them With Fire

     -Just as forewarn of the Angel Gabriel 2004, here additionally the fulfilling of bible prophecy, of which when we can comprehend this, that's Daniel 7-12, and especially Revelation 17, 18, reading like an open book of hour by hour daily articles, we are greatly admonished to get ourselves, entire houses, beds, pulpits and choirs to repentant alters bearing Jesus Christ. That while Western Civilization implode never to again sat as world rule, can't with not even the dust of it left, the European Union must be redesigned into ten specific heads of state, mostly Islamic, that's for 42 months of an 84 month Beast reign, 2017-2024. Knowing this is why this ministry was able, even after Hussein was crushed by a huge container (see Bush wars), shown injured, without recovery. I, this end time Apostle, yet by bible prophecy, (Rev. 11:1, 2) predicted a Hussein White House Reign, 2003.
      -Soon with the two beast of Revelation 13, 2008, rising into fruition, even upon Us soil, one from sea, one from land as surely as he, Hussein Obama; while that's to be two weeks and seven years after him. So none of what has been nation building for centuries and centuries has been as men has been made to think, but instead those disillusioned by Satan's Seat, that as Holy Spirts revealed the prophetic design, even decline of all things rebellious man. Undoubtedly, they ask John why did he marvel? How they would show him the mystery of all of it, stating first and I quote, "five are fallen," meaning five previous nations had fallen, as so would the rest. Even as we're to understand what Daniel is breaking down of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, (Dan. 2:2-49), again of the buzzard rise and fall of all nation building, that's now for thousands of years now.
      -Curiously, all of which is now crushed to smatterings and dust oddly still by a stone cut out without hands, falling from heaven; this single phenomenon I witness come out of these thousands of years of turfs wars as recent as 02/14/2015. Shown in the possession of the Bride now reigning in heaven, it had the surface of a meteor, that as she released it, I heard a voice lament, and I quote, "this is the Antichrist (NWO), murderer. Further, this mean the attitude of no world leader and future apartheids and coups as this, (see Brexit 2016, predicted 2004, Apb), even traditional elections, even how clever will never be made sense of.
     -Scripturally, Prophetically, how can it? When after spending one hour with the end time beast of all of them, (2008), even their rebellious heart, such leading men and nations have already been possessed to hand their leadership off to Anti-Christ, this greatest of evil ever or shall ever be again. Awake, be aware as God, Himself, He has sacrificed everything, even jeopardizing His Own proposed from the foundation of the world Kingdom Reign, Age. Just imagine if Jesus, Elohim manifested in the flesh had failed? Yet you can still hear Him cry, even His specialty blood, now facing our death penalty most horrid, not my will Father be done, but yours, but yours, Got Jesus Yet? Apb, The RAM, see,

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Righteously Dividing The Enemy
Tribulation Saints (rebellious, Apostate church), Left behind, See Here
Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant
The Sacrifice of the wicked are an abomination to God, Prob. 21:27, see Cain
The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51, see Abel
Prophecy Links
     -I was just now saying, if we're this close to the fulfillment of Daniel's final week, then the Bride is running out of reasons for being here, which then explain, Gabriel 2004, describing this generation as the one, and Holy Spirit, 2012, reassurance the Bride now heaven bound assignment, and I quote, “soon the Church Bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the Tribulation Saints as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them,” as so much recent as 02/17/2015, Holy Spirits, saying, actually communicating by several visual text messages and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way."
Thou Art Abraham's Seed
     -While Caden and I were out, either playing soccer or having a dance contest, the things I do with, for my grands. I said, you know tomorrow is granddaddy birthday. Then he said, ask, what we gonna get him? Then I said, he's in heaven, he doesn't need anything from us. Then Caden said, smiling, yeah, he got gold, he got a robe, he got a crown, by the time he finish saying, I was dancing and shouting, hallelujah!
     -There's this thing else, I didn't get to mention to Caden, this May 15th, is the twelfth anniversary of the Angel Gabriel's appearing. When first I saw him, I said, ah nall, this heartbroken, that God still have to take such measures. Now I quote him, "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind," as so was mention, a seventh Angel, meaning, world nations are angry, for the great day of God’s wrath hath come, and we are that final generation, worship Him, again I say, ask, got Jesus yet? Awake, be as ware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM,

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Righteously Dividing The Enemy
Tribulation Saints (rebellious, Apostate church), Left, See Here      The Sacrifice of the wicked are an abomination to God, Prob. 21:27, see Cain
      The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51, see Abel
Prophecy Link
     Seen to be hearing territorial spirits making mockery of another, a voice declaring, inquiring, “America, have you ever fallen before?” See the one Error/Era, a New Fear Factor, of the war against the axis of evil, unto a predicted Hussein White House, 2003, Apb)
      -A Voice Lamenting: 'Blessed is he that waiteth, (endure, stand) and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days," 05/02/2015, see Daniel. 12:12a.; (see the Kingdom Age Decreasing the now Church Age, dispensation of Grace)
Righteously Dividing The Enemy
The Breaking Of The Rainbow Covenant, The Distractor, Leopard Skin Coat
Scientists Predict Major Earthquakes in US, Mount St. Helens begins to stir on West coast      -An Apostle of Christ has predicted the end of America by cataclysmic disasters, one after another for thirty years this spring. As one given a specific timetable Dec. 25th 2001, that until 190 months is done, is come the end of America, by a subtraction of 190 years, see I begin to note, as Caden and I walk about a spring morning, with a stunning duck pond just behind us, siting right down the street, this stranded, fading used to be, is an Intrepid Automobile, wearing tags, 2017, coincidence?"
     -Predicted also is the end of the Dispensation of Grace, as so the Church Age, one cannot exist without the others, having each given place as such. Come is the Kingdom Age, come is the end of a rebellious civilization. The Angel Gabriel (534 bc 2004 ad, just noted, 2016), by the Man dressed in Linen is being instructed to cause the prophet Daniel (Apostle Bradford 1986-2016), to understand the urgent matter... "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind, as so the seventh angel," the Angel Gabriel 2004...
     -Evidently, that apostate system now forsaking Elohim, since Cain fierce with jealousy, arrogance and RAGE picked up a stone and slew his own brethren, repent, repent, repent or perish! Gone are all things produced and graced since His Precious Blood struck the earth now crying aloud relentlessly, "Why Do The Heathen Rage Against Me, Their Own Blessed Savior!" Ps. 2
    -Equally, that's since His Precious Blood spread itself abroad, disguised predominately as Westernized Civilization, now the supreme mockery of all of it. Now it's Genesis primary enemy, now gone the human being genocidal, now gone it's final antichrist, now is great judgment come, great death, great exodus, awake, be as aware, as longsuffering as God Himself, Come Out of the greatest fall of nations ever, Apb, the RAM, see Ps. 37, Rev. 11, 18, see www.daniel534bc2017ad.blogspot...
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