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Aura Burrows
Writer in Pacific Northwest
Writer in Pacific Northwest


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Post about early farmers assimilating hunter-gatherers. #neolithic  

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The Meeting
Farmers absorbed Hunter-Gatherers Scandinavia, =/- 9000 years ago Torg rested on the fencepost, regarding his work.   Two winters ago he, his wife and children,
and his brothers with their families had found this lovely field.   It was surrounded by foreste...

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The Runt
Another great idea submitted by the elusive P.W.  Creative changes and editing done by yours truly. The Runt. American Plains, +/- 10,000 years ago Ura had dreamt of being a
hunter of the Wolf Clan for all his young life.   As a little child, he had learned...

I don't write poetry often, as something snarky is often result.  As in the following:

Sweet Memories
Reaching out…
Reaching in…
Reaching into the jar
Of sweet, my Sweet.
Fingers grasping
Surprising empty air.
I gasp…
I groan…
I sigh in dark bitterness
Of sweet, my Sweet.
No bites, no bits
Of cocoa goodness remains.
The tinfoil wrappers…
The tinfoil wads…
The tinfoil tears of lack
Of sweet, my Sweet.
As I mournfully plead
For rich chocolate mercy
From you so sweet, my Sweet.
~Aura Burrows  22April2014

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The Mate
A post written by a dear friend, with additions and changes from yours truly   Southern Europe, +/- 35,000 ya    Durak, the mammoth hunter, had been away from his tribe for nearly two moons.  During the recent cold time, a sickness had taken many people fro...

Post has attachment is promoting my novelette this week! Hope you enjoy...

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