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She seems like a pleasant girl to be around.
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must have taken offense to the short grab just before she .."fell" down ;)
Thats what she gets the fucking cheat, she was trying to give the girl a front wedgy
I don't know a lot about soccer, but I'm guessin' pony tail yanking trip throws are not among the allowed offensive maneuvers.
thats what you get when you takke a cheap feel! lol
Is that Vince dressed like a girl?
Who said soccer is not an extreme sport
She said get out my way bitch punked her ass
She should have been playing for our other football team! 
first response:  OH FUCK !
A good player do't do like thiz 
You pull my shorts, I pull your hair
Hopefully just blew past yellow to red on this one....
Much of that hand fighting/brawling happens on the pitch. Trying to establish position/dominance.
She should have but that it is too funny
Rico W
roflmao, wrong sport xD wrestling is perfect
Dating that girl would be like..."WHERE'S MY DINNER?" (MAN VOICE)
Rico W
i like ittttttttttttt, cant stop watching it, been here since last comment xD
+ryan prihoda
 i don't know why this is going around again, this is that old video. remember?
That wouldn't have worked with Zidane!
Did you notice she is giving the girl in red a weggy?
This isn't the only time she has done something like that
I think she steel her boyfriend
rusak dunia caranya ............kalau sport seperti itu
tidak siap kalah dalam bertanding
+Jason Ryan beat me to it. This girl is an A-1 World Class bitch of a player. The Coaches answer? "I can't control everything my players do on the pitch!" Pitiful!
Ah.. The girl in white and blue starts grabing her shorts before the hair pull / takedown occurs. So. She kinda had it coming.. Just saying.
that would be battery not assault.
While this is a classic example of players getting out of control.  What this really demonstrates is the lack of good officiating.  When officials do NOT take control of a game - this is the kind of chaos they have to deal with.
Phil B
Guys get a bad rep for fighting, but girls are just plain vicious!
it was revealed after the game that it was her coach that told her to do so. She certainly revelled in it.
Hey the girl in the white was trying to feel her VJ...
football the gentleman's sport played by hooligans
If she did that shit to a Black female there would be slow songs a singin'and flowers a bringin'.
That shit was like bitch move
Haha women smh
what aggresion we need this spirit for win
You got knocked the fuck out! -Smokey
And she did it like it wasn't nothing she looked like a doll baby that she didn't want.......I don't like this doll.
Good job tell her get the f out the way.
She was ban for playing but now shes back with NM Lobos.
I think the girl in white provoked other girl by grabing her shorts...anyway still not nice.
She would make a great news presenter!
Hmm, I think I need to start watching women's soccer. :-P
girl in white went down so theatrically she should be playing up front for Manchester United
Wow was that an instant red card or what !
John s
Saw the video...what a bitch!! 
Im curious? Did she get back up and slap her one?
looking her little-evil-smile before she falls...she deserved it
Jay ur pretty ignorant...u can't express urself without derogatory words..I hate when people get online and become emboldened,you wouldn't say that infront of any black men,just online...
Years old clip .. disgracful and frustrated actions of the limited player she is....was 
This must be the sadest social media site ever
its good what she did
# 15 is a mean whore, and I apologize to the whores out there for using this comparison.
She grabbed her vagina. I would a done the same if someone grabbed my penis
Me on a Monday when people are in my way
Terrible behavior, the young girl needs angrue management. 
I would like to know what led up to this before I made an informed comment
nauty gorl why grab her hair like shes very cruel and nasty
Very cool I like
Ha it's more like judo. . 
I bet she would not like it if it happpened to her, bad show
In my Scorpion voice... "GET OVER HERE!" ;)
That stupid whore doesn't deserve to play soccer, she's more suited to mud wrestling
why does she keep coming back for more?
thats a bad ass chick right there.... nice
I feel bad for her. The one that did it. Karma.
Steff C
ma kind a woman
this is like 10 years old
Guess that girl should not have been trying to pull her red shorts down....
I bet she won't grab her shorts again
That's Elizabeth Lambert.  I think she got a 2 or 3 game suspension for that stunt and the rest of the rough play (kicking and punching opponents) she engaged in during that game.
The other was pulling up her shorts,so that might've pissed her off
but she never takes her eye off the ball... 
The girl clearly dived, the hair wasn't ripped from her skull, so what is she worrying about.... Oh this isn't WWF....My bad.
ironically that is legal in the No Fun League...
It was out of reflex. Can you tell that the girl in the white was trying to make a move on the girl in the red's shorts?
It's legal ... If u hold someone's pants like that 
Well there's the problem the girl with the white Jersey grabbed her nuts. I wouldn't put up with that either. Lolz
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. that's not fair..............
The girl in the white was trying to give the girl in the red a forward wedgie the girl in the red said no
Crazy thing this stuff went on for the whole game. Player, refs, COACH responsible. NCAA drug test? College career OVER! Miss Disgrace of New Mexico.
Skirts are gonna be in shorter supplies hence forth ehh lol
If you look right before you see the red shirt girl throw her down you the see the blue shirt grabbing her left shorts pant leg. The Blue shirt got was OWNED.
So I'm guessing the school of Vinnie Jones not David Beckham
that is yust funny!!!!!!!
look close and you see she started it and so their both at fault
she got knocked the fuck out
I bet she is fun at
Anyone see what she did with her hand? I'm guessing she sort of got a bit of payback...
Would that be considered inappropriate? Lol
Does she play for Leeds ? if not can we sign her ?
+Frank Erazo
well spotted... i saw that, too... yep, the girl in white looks to have been in the wrong to start with ;)
Sean C
The best part is seeing the expression on her face change right before she gets pulled back. As she realizes what's about to happen
wouldn't want to be between the pair of them! could get rougher still...
She's actually quite nice!
Wow! That was pretty harsh! Where is the sportsmanship these days ;-)
that chick just threw her to the ground like it was nothing
Ha! Ha ! Have a look at her left hand before she went down make you think what she was up to and how far ?
She wants to pull other girls around by the hair for a living, there are places she could make moar money...
what you do not notice is the girl in front is grabbing her and holding her. She had it
Thats not nice she is such a nice girl when u get to know her
Damn....However...Sweet move
Now if we can only get them this competitve in the kitchen...
oh yeah ....gonna tug on my red shorts with you left hand....
That's what you get for trying to give a wedgie. lol
you till her that she is on wrong side you are on a wrong side biche
The Brigham player grabbed the other player's uniform first.
Men are pussycats after seeing this.
think thats bad watch lacrosse...
Well that's what she gets for trying to get into her shorts xD lol
In one corner a lady with black hair and in the other a girl with yellow hair
right when the girl grabs her the girl in white, her face just freezes like "oh no"
Girls Football more fights than mens
to be fair it looks like the girl in white started it. See her grab her shorts?  Then "awww hell no!" lol
This is actually a few years old, and I will agree, still disturbing.

I guess what i find worse is that she only served a 2-game suspension.

If you want, you can look her up - Elizabeth Lambert 
That's awesome! I want to see what happens afterward though. If white jersey dishes out some retribution.
Hi how r u? Good evening hope you are fine in the best of health always god bless you always
There's nowt more aggressive than a female footballer. 
thats why it should stay men sport... 
I hope the girl in white got up and beat the living crap out of the girl in red.
Damn I didn't know dat da wwf was
And goes to show "American football players" think they are tough yeah right bunch of pussies
That brief second when the girl in white realizes Red has her hair in her hands.
Where was the referee at the time, the players should have bean send off the football pitch and band of 3 months. Pulling hair or pulling shorts they should have been sent off😥😥😥😥
So do you play any sport or don't you have any balls, if you can't take it don't dish it out simple as that!
Nasty you can even see the venom on the face of the girl in red
Why do you think they have referees, football is a sport and you play by the rules on the field and that don't include pulling the young girls hair or the other girls pants👏👏👏👏
Well that escalated quickly... 
How many of you saw all of her fouls theres like 4 it s a youtube video
Well dang she seems a little angry dont u think
im da 500 comment guy :) look at the brownie girl's face when she feels it on her... O_O
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