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Courtney Daniel
I write poetry, short stories, novels and children's books. My boy and girl are delightful fodder for much material and my creative husband is as well.
I write poetry, short stories, novels and children's books. My boy and girl are delightful fodder for much material and my creative husband is as well.

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Put it (them) down
A friend of mine's son is dying. I don't have words. What can you say? I keep seeing the boy's face, and while my mind processes that logically he doesn't look like that anymore-for it was nine years ago that I saw him in person- I can't help but see the sa...

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For when you are stuck and need someone to show up
A friend of mine died last week. More than a friend really, as I blubbered in front a room full of people at her funeral, she was a 'work mom.' But let me back up. To before I fought with the Almighty (it went about as well as you can imagine) and before I ...

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An 'out of order' death
I have been thinking about death and the order of it, primarily how natural it is for someone to lose a grandparent. And how unnatural it is the other way around. But what about when the order just gets a little jumbled? Like when a parent goes before or at...

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Tigers and Fleas
I set the needles, scissors and red thread beside me. It's ironic that I grabbed red. It will be like blood I guess. Positioning the stuffed tiger before me I poke around to find the tear. It's time for tiger surgery.  CJ sweetly asked me two nights before ...

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From the deep
I have been calling it 'writer's block' but I'm not sure that's completely accurate. That would mean I have been trying to write and blocked from it for some reason. I haven't even been trying, truth be told. Currently, I am reading through 'Sorrow and Bloo...

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Water as from the deep
There's a long-haired man with a beard in her seat, and no, it's not Jesus. I fight the urge to rise, walk over to him, and politely tell him to move. 'Excuse me,' I imagine, while the pastor talks about community and I should probably stop arguing in my mi...

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Vagina Power
You're probably thinking: oh she's just grabbing at attention with a snazzy blog post. And maybe I am. I was going to title this: I'm coming out of the feminist closet. Truth be told though, I don't think I ever went in it.  Yesterday was International Wome...

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For when you are crawling
I keep staring at it. The photo of the woman crawling to finish a marathon. Something wells up inside of me from somewhere deep, for I relate to that image on a soul level. The crawling part of course, not so much the running a marathon bit.  I had all thes...

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Through it
The boy who was burned sits tuning his guitar, his foot and ankle wrapped up in a bandage. He tunes. The pain, I just can't even imagine. I tap a portion of a fingertip on a hot pan and it seems to much. A whole leg- I just can't even. But there he sits, tu...

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When you wake up with a heavy heart
I don't even know where to start. Ray's face swims in my sleepy morning vision and I wonder if I was just dreaming about him. What did you expect? (The nasty Court voice snarls...) He had grey... No almost white... Hair?! But here is another way to look at ...
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