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Imogen Elvis
Australian writer, blogger, and lover of all things chocolate
Australian writer, blogger, and lover of all things chocolate

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Write When You Can
I think most writers have a dream of having long,
uninterrupted stretches of time in which to write. Time when people aren’t disturbing
them, time not squeezed in around study, work, and other commitments. I know I
often wish for more time for my writing. E...

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Writing Is Hard and Messy and Worth It
Writing is a strange occupation. The moment we need to
write, our brains instantly push us to go and do something else: post on
Twitter, wash the dishes, walk the dog, create an elaborate five tiered
tiramisu cake. Any, as long as it isn’t writing. And yet,...

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The Feeling of Finishing
Reaching the end of a draft is such a rush. After being lost
deep in edits for weeks, in this case edits of my fantasy novel The Crystal Tree , coming out the other
side is an amazing feeling. Racing to hit a deadline that flashed past, lost in
the rush of ...

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What Keeps You Writing?
Writing is a strange beast. Sometimes it comes so easily.
The words flow.  The story pours
perfectly onto the page. It feels like magic. Other times it’s a gruelling slog.
And it changes from day to day. One day I am enthusiastic about it, powering
through ...

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Tread Softly Because You Tread On My Dreams
We all have a dream. Maybe even more than one. It’s bright,
beautiful, fragile and precious. A dream that calls us to go out there and do
amazing things. But it takes a lot of courage to share that dream with the
world, to write that book, to make that musi...

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Motivation Hack: Start Early
Have you ever had days where you’ve planned your writing
time out perfect around work. You’re going to utilize those evening hours to
punch out some words. You’ve scheduled your day, cleared the time, found your
favourite drink/soundtrack/blanket. Your nove...

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Never Give Up
In every creative person’s life, there comes a moment where
you hate your work. Maybe you’ve felt this a few times before. I know I have. It’s
that moment when you hate what you’ve made, you doubt that you’ve got what it
takes, and when it feels like everyt...

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Writing Lessons From Owl City
So I’ve been listening to a lot of Owl City recently. Something about these songs fills my head with inspiration (hence why I felt inspired enough to write this very post). But apart from just being fantastic music, as I’ve been listening, I’ve also noticed...

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Some Thoughts on First Drafts
I absolutely love first drafts. They’re my favourite part of
the whole writing process. I love exploring a story for the very first time,
getting to know new characters and discovering unexpected surprises throughout
the book. But first drafts are hard . I

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The Busy Writer’s Guide To NaNoWriMo
Photo credit With NaNoWriMo coming up in a bit over a week, I feel it’s
time again to talk NaNo strategy. NaNo is a behemoth of an event, and it really
pays to go into it with a game plan. It’s especially important if, like me, you’re
going to be a busy wri...
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