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CustomScriptExtension in ARM Templates and Shared Access Signature (SAS) Tokens
I had some trouble with a custom script extension where the script required a SAS token to download some software. The token was simply truncated after the first '&'. After some digging I thought I had to put the SAS token into quotes, and when looking into...

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Begin..Process..End and Error Handling
I had to wrap my mind around error handling and the begin..process..end function in PowerShell. It becomes really fun when I start throwing different ErrorActions  after it! This will be mostly some PowerShell snippets and their result. So without further a...

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ARM Template Tip: Names
Naming resources in ARM templates can be quite lengthy. This is an example of naming a network interface: "name" : "[concat(parameters('vmNamePrefix'), '-', padLeft(copyIndex(1), 2, '0'), variables('nicPostfix'), '-', padLeft(copyIndex(1), 2, '0'))]" , And ...

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Logging webhooks using Azure Functions and OMS Log Analytics
We recently discussed webhooks internally at work  and the question popped on how to maintain and log the activity. Webhooks normally have a limited timespan (could be years though), and they should generally be kept a secret even if they are accompanied by...

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Hello Azure Functions - Integrating with Github
I had a hard time finding out how to integrate a Github Repository into Azure functions, or rather what files and the structure to put in the repository so that Azure Functions would pick them up. A very basic setup follows. This assumes an understanding of...

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Analyzing your bank statement using PowerBI
I wanted to figure out what we were spending our money on, but our bank is lacking behind when it comes to finance insight, so what better way than to use PowerBI ? First you need to export your bank statements into CSV. We have multiple accounts, so I just...

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How Awesome is Docker?
Fully configured Ubuntu server up and running in minutes? On Windows? Impossible you say? It is not! Start by installing Docker . We will try to run the following Python code in the Docker container. try : from slackclient import SlackClient #import os # we...

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How to Slack the Most in Life
What have you been doing this weekend? I have been slacking (don't tell my boss). Most people in IT have heard of Slack by now. If not, you should check it out.' Slack is normally used for team collaboration, but I wanted to see if I could " be less busy " ...

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Filtering on NULL in SMLets
No time since I wrote about Service Manager. Something that comes back to haunt me from time to time is filtering on NULL. I always forget how, so now I will document it, once and for all! A script speaks a thousand words: 1
7 $IRClass = Get-SCSMC...
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