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Just started watching the movie Drive. Now I know why all the critics love it. It's powerful! I'm mesmerized.

+Cyrus Kirby Any thoughts on what some good party/board games would be at a Birthday Party for a 7 year old and a group of about 8-10 kids? I was thinking some of them will play Pokemon but I wanted to cover the others.

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Dusted out the computer this weekend. There was more than I expected.
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October 3, 2011

Android Users! Cut the Rope is free today on the Amazon App Store! Get it if you haven't already.

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I remember Big Wheels being this fun! I should get him a full sized one.

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It's too good to pass up.
And now for the weather with our own Channel 4 Evening News weatherman, Lord Eddard Stark. Take it away, Ed.

Okay iphone users. I just got my wife an iPhone 4. She's not super tech savvy. What kind of apps do you think is a must have for your basic user like her? She's mainly using it for facebook, internet, other stuff. Is the default Internet Browser (Safari) the way to go? Is there a Must-Have camera app? What will make her life easier?

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+Darak Pryde

There you go. I love the Hard Techno channel.

I bought Sian an iPhone yesterday. Our houses are officially divided!
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