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Zim 'Big Business' + 2018 Elections: Peddling Capital for Political Protection and Power?
 By Takura Zhangazha* It may sound odd to many but Zimbabwe has ‘big
business’.  That is big companies that
make significant profits on a yearly basis. 
Even in such an assumedly ‘hostile’ environment.  And ther are some major companies out there.

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No Corbyns In Zimbabwe's Political Ranks (And Regrettably So)
 *By Takura Zhangazha The surge of the British Labour party in that country’s
recent snap general election has passed for abstract conversation on this African
side of the globe.  Even in a former
colony of the British Empire such as Zimbabwe apart from cur...

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BVR Post-Tender Wars: Closing Stable Door After Horse Has Bolted
 By Takura Zhangazha* Until Zimbabwe actually votes in 2018, the biometric voter registration
(BVR) exercise is going to perpetually rear its controversial head.  Not least because its about elections and who
gets power next year but also because it still r...

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ZanuPF is Not a Revolutionary Party. More Conservative, Repressive and Elitist
By Takura Zhangazha* The ruling Zimbabwe African National Union (Patriotic Front) Zanu PF has regularly made claims that is a ‘revolutionary party’.  It has buttressed its arguments on the basis
of not only its role in the liberation struggle but also a def...

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Africa Day 2017: Context, Consciousness, Action (Not Dividends)
 *By Takura Zhangazha Africa Day is perhaps the most politically conscious of all
of the continent’s public or commemorative days.  On its own, before we even analyse what African
countries, their leaders and others have done over the 54 years that have

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Afrobarometer/MPOI Zimbabwe Survey: Extracting Political Meaning, Questioning Complex Reality
By Takura Zhangazha* Zimbabwe’s Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) in partnership with Afrobarometer has recently made public the findings of its round seven survey  on the ‘Quality of Democracy and Governance in Zimbabwe, 2016-2017’.  The field work was ...

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Critical Minds for Critical Times: Supporting Investigative Journalism in Zimbabwe.
A presentation to the VMCZ  'Bornwell Chakaodza
Memorial Lecture' for World Press Freedom Day Week.  Thursday 
4 May 2017 Rainbow Towers Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe Cde Chairperson, Let me begin by thanking you for the
invitation to deliver this years World Pre...

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General Chiwenga, Reaching for History, Missing the Future.
By Takura Zhangazha* The recently published interview given by the Commander of Zimbabwe’s Defence Forces (ZDF) General Chiwenga to state controlled  media was
a politically significant one.  Not only
for the ruling party but more as an indicator of  how th...

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Zimbabwe @37 Past Present and the Future:
Zimbabwe @37 Past Present and the Future: Bringing Back People Centered Meaning to National Freedom.  A presentation to the Mass Public Opinion Institute Public
Seminar, 27 April 2017, New Ambassador Hotel Harare By Takura Zhangazha* The perennial question ...

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Cde Mbalula. Self-Righteousness Does Not Make South Africa Exceptional.
By Takura Zhangazha* South Africa's new minister of police Fikile Mbalula  appears to have approached your his new assignment with reckless enthusiasm.  He was very recently quoted as having said that his country's immediate neighbours, Zimbabwe, has some o...
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