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Calling all hands on deck!:

+Thomas Sanladerer, +ThantiK +Gina Häußge

Does anyone know how/where +Mark Moissette is?, he has been offline for quite some time know, i tried to contact him and never got a reply, im a bit worried, he was going throug some shitty times.

Feel free to tag anyone who you think can know something about his whereabouts.
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Hi guys. Im having issues with GRBL (homing). Im using LW3 to control the router (self made). Is this the right place to ask for help or i should go elseware?

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Getting there!

Focus seems good, but X/Y are mirrored
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Hi Guys, i need some help.

Im trying to setup a laser diode on a router, all controlled by an x5 mini (v1). I can move x/y/z ok.

Im failling miserably trying to control the laser. Im using a chinese (bangpod) diode with its driver. If i use a cncshield with grbl it works ok, but when i try to use it on the x5 mini, i fail.

from my config.h:
extruder.hotend.enable false
laser_module_enable true
#laser_module_pin 2.4

2.4 is the extruder (on the x5 mini). If i connect the pwm signal cables the psu gets shorted. Same happens if i connect it to the fan pins.

any hints?


Hi, so, i have the laser hooked to a router, with a cncshield and grbl, laserweb3, all installed as per wiki.

If i hit "laser test", the laser turns on, all good, i can go from 0 to 255 as test power.

Now, when i import a dxf and generate the gcode, the gcode command to turn on the laser is missing, on that line all i get is "S255".

Here´s a bit of code:
G1 F1200 X0.7132 Y38.2416 Z0.0000
G1 F1200 X0.9635 Y38.8150 Z0.0000 S255
G1 F1200 X1.2218 Y39.3717 Z0.0000 S255
G1 F1200 X1.4883 Y39.9118 Z0.0000 S255
G1 F1200 X1.7629 Y40.4354 Z0.0000 S255
G1 F1200 X2.0455 Y40.9424 Z0.0000 S255

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Muy bangpod 3.5w láser has finally arrived!!, now i have to figure out how should i connect it to my azteeg x5.
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Hi guys, im starting to get the parts to build a bottom up DLP printer.

I have a benq ms524 projector that i plan to use.

Does it look good?, i can take the color wheel out and use an extra lens to concentrate the beam.

I should be ordening some fep soon too.


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CNC ready!, now, I have to learn aspire :)
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It has arrived!!!, now I have to work on the electronics and wait to finish my new workshop.
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Some time ago there was a nice breakout board with a pololu footprint. That board had the 3 pins (step, dir, en) so an external driver could be used.
I cannot find them anywhere.

+Peter van der Walt, +Eric Lien, i think you guys where working with those boards some time ago.

any hint on where i can find them?
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