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PCG Tools (Software for KORG Music Workstations)
Free software for managing PCG files for Korg music workstations/synthesizers
Free software for managing PCG files for Korg music workstations/synthesizers

PCG Tools (Software for KORG Music Workstations)'s posts

For those of you who do not have heard about PCG Tools: it is a FREE program for managing PCG files for most Korg workstations/synths.

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PCG Tools 2.8.0 has been released: see 

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PCG Tools 2.7.3 has been released. Some bugs have been fixed, for the Korg Kronos a MUST-install, for models using Combis a bug fix. For models only using programs nothing has changed. See 

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New (small) release of PCG Tools: version 2.7.2
Language: A new Polish translator announcement: Marcin Aleksander.
Improv : Set list slot descriptions in PCG windows can be shown as a single line (Korg Kronos).
Bug Fix : Prevented crash when clearing a combi while no set lists present (RedKross2014).
Bug Fix : Instead of crashing when loading an unsupported file, a message is shown.
Links : MK Editor and Korg Fans added to external/contributors links.

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A new version of PCG Tools (2.7.0 can be downloaded at for free.

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Version 2.6.0 from PCG Tools is released today. You can download it for free at It is a free software application for use with many Korg workstations and synthesizers.

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Dear PCG Tools users,
A new version of PCG Tools is released (version 2.5.0).
The most important items are:
- Program reference changer, useful for changing references to multiple programs from combis (or set list slots). I will add later in the KorgForums site and facebook more information how to use this feature.
- Automatic pasting of programs used by combis/set list slots with programs having a similar name but not mandatory to be equal.
- Added color/transpose controls for editing set list slots (Kronos only).
- Various bug fixes (like copy/pasting set list slots for Kronos.
The application can be downloaded for free at
Below is a complete list of changes.
Kind regards,
Michel Keijzers, developer of PCG Tools
Version : 2.5.0
Date    : 24-Jan-2015 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Feature : Program reference changer (to change references in combis/set lists to programs).
Improv  : Possibility to treat equal/like-named patches as duplicates while copy/pasting.
Improv  : For Kronos set list slot editor: Added color/transpose controls.
Bug Fix : For Kronos set list slot editor: Fixed XS/S mismatch for font size.
Bug Fix : Fixed copy/pasting set list slots (Kronos only).
Bug Fix : Fixed double clicking a PCG file to start up PCG Tools.
Bug Fix : Prevented crash when loading Kronos files with set lists, without combis.
Removed : Command Line window.
Language: Italian language added, thanks to Enrico Puglisi.
Language: Many greek texts improved, thanks to Giorgios (new translator) and Jim Dijkstra.
Language: Corrected/translated (missing) language texts (thanks to various translators).
Links   : Completely redesigned all external links windows.
Links   : Added contributors window, for thanking testers, information/idea providers etc.
Links   : Added Timo Lill, as translator for German (amongst others) and added various URLs.
Donators: Added Kevin Nolan and added various URLs of donators.

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Dear PCG Tools user,
 Today I have released PCG Tools 2.4.0, which has the following improvements:
 - Support for Kronos, Kronos X and Kronos 2, OS3.0
 - For Kronos: Set list slot edit redesigned and showing more (more to follow soon).
 - Multiple programs, combis and set list slots selectable to move up or down.
 - Default folders set (for set list generator, Kronos and sequencer files).
 - Various bug fixes and other improvements.
 As always, it can be freely downloaded at the website (
 Kind regards,
 Michel (developer of PCG Tools)

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Rubens Felicio has made a video in Portuguese about PCG Tools. So if you understand this language, check out the next video: PCG Tools - Como incorporar arquivos do Kronos à sua programação
Thanks very much Rubens!

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The new manual of PCG Tools is put on the website today. It is now updated until the latest version of 2.3.
Note: it might be needed to clear the cache to download it. See the download page of
Kind regards,
Michel Keijzers (developer of PCG Tools)
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