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Travel through the time vortex!
Watch this in a phone or a tablet, it's really cool.

Actual 3D, 360 degree viewing as if you're inside the title sequence. 

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This man, +Eric Schmitt-Matzen, is a God send. Regardless of how we see Santa Clause, this man is spreadign Hope. Hope that our world seems to occasionally lose grasp of, and instead substituting Hope with physical pleasures (eg. spending money, love, work, social media, etc).
Thank you, Eric for keeping the ideal for Hope alive in this world.

Link to NBC News article about Eric Schmitt-Matzen.

Android 7/Nougat multi screen:
Hit the square button for switching between apps
Select app for multiscreen and drag to top of screen

To exit multiscreen, long press the square button

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I know people are making $$$ off of YouTube videos... upsets me to think it was at the expense of others less fortunate.

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+Jenny Yip your favorite song covered by the skilled Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon! :D
not bad. Now I will picture these 2 when you're singing this ;)
Jack Black & I recreate Extreme's "More Than Words" music video  #FallonTonight

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I was watching some Robot Chicken this past weekend and came across this.
... do YOU get it? :D

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Good info - even for a newb like me

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Motorcycle tire wear, good way to self-coach while on the track...
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