I know that I have been pretty quiet on here lately due to my neck injury. While I am still dealing with that and am not back to posting full time here, I am going to take a moment to voice my opinion on the Next Adobe Evangelist competition. It's just that important to me.

My vote is going to Erik R - better known as the owner of TipSquirrel.com. If you have never been to TipSquirrel, you are missing out. It is a wealth of Photoshop information with articles and tutorials not only from Erik, but also from a bunch of the top Photoshop and Photography instructors in the industry.

So if you are on Facebook (which is where they are holding the voting), please take a minute to stop by the Adobe Photoshop page and check out Erik's video on making a "Quick and Easy Line Drawing With Divide Blend Mode". If you enjoy it, then please cast a vote for him.

Votes are reset every day from now until the 23rd (that's the day after tomorrow) so if you can, please stop by each day.

Thank you. Hope to see y'all and be back soon!

Oh - and if you could share this post for me too, that would be great! Thanks! :D
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