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Raising a New Generation of Leaders
Raising a New Generation of Leaders


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Join us in "10 Days of Cultural Diversity", May 21-30, 2015.
Day1: Nationwide Conversation on Cultural Diversity
Day2: Eat food from another culture
Day3: Learn about art and celebrations from other cultures
Day4: Learn about another religion
Day5: Volunteer for Diversity and Inclusion and Children
Day6: Learn another language
Day7: Showcase of Diverse Communities and workplaces
Day8: Youth and Cultural Diversity
Day9: Play Sport from another culture
Day10: Celebration of Diversity and Awards

Concludes Saturday May 30th with a celebration in the Helix Mahony Hall that will include: live music, motivational talks, variety performances, Diversecity Star competition and award ceremony, where we honour leaders and communities that have shown a dedication to enhancing equality in Ireland.

These events will help deepen our appreciation of the values of cultural diversity, bring together individuals, communities and organisations around our common issues of diversity and inclusion and improve understanding among people from different cultures and different faiths.

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