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Amazing transparent fish caught in waters of New Zealand. 
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Burning summit, Matterhorn , Switzerland

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Brahminy starling

The brahminy myna or brahminy starling (Sturnia pagodarum) is a member of the starling family of birds. It is usually seen in pairs or small flocks in open habitats on the plains of the Indian subcontinent.
This myna is pale buff creamy with a black cap and a loose crest. The bill is yellow with a bluish base. The iris is pale and there is a bluish patch of skin around the eye. The outer tail feathers have white and the black primaries of the wings do not have any white patches. The adult male has a more prominent crest than the female and also has longer neck hackles. Juveniles are duller and the cap is browner.
The species name pagodarum is thought to be based on occurrence of the species on buildings and temple pagodas in southern India.
It is a resident breeder in Nepal and India, a winter visitor to Sri Lanka and a summer visitor in parts of the western Himalayas and northeastern Himalayas. They are spotted in plans of Pakistan as well. They have musical call notes that are long made up of a series of slurred notes that ends abruptly. Although mainly seen on the plains there are a few records from above 3000m mainly from Ladakh.
This passerine is typically found in dry forest, scrub jungle and cultivation and is often found close to human habitations. The especially favour areas with waterlogged or marshy lands.
[Wikipedia].[Photo© - Raju Karia].

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A pair of White-plumed Honeyeaters in Central Australia, I don;t expect to find these ones out there as they are also local birds here on the east coast. These were taken west of Alice Springs in the Western MacDonnell Ranges.

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