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How to Make a sneaky, snake spy camera that records video
Snake cams have become the epitome of high-tech gadgets on television and in movies. In 24, Jack Bauer is always using a snake camera to check for terrorists on the other side of the door. The video game Splinter Cell has made the snake cam an integral part...

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How to Make a satellite dish Wi-Fi antenna for free internet
Need internet but don't want to pay? Well, try lusting of those around you by picking up their Wi-Fi signal. Live out in the boondocks? No problem… if you have an old satellite dish laying around. Watch this video tutorial to hack you way into free internet...

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How to Set Emergency Contacts to Bypass Silent & Vibrate Modes on Your Galaxy Note 2
Extremely important calls have a way of coming at the most inopportune moments: when you're in class during an important lecture, at a big business meeting for work, or even when you're just enjoying a day at the movies. If you're doing it right, your phone...

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How to Load & View Multiple Links Without Leaving the Current App on Your Galaxy Note 2
Using  Facebook  and  Twitter  as a news source can be frustrating at times, mainly because opening links will divert you away from your current application. Instead of a smooth process, you find yourself going back and forth from app to browser, over and o...

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Explain Yourself Better by Turning Images into Shareable Videos with Annotations & Narration
Trying to explain something difficult over the phone can be pretty frustrating if the other person doesn't understand you. Using text messages can be useless for auditory learners, and a phone call won't do much good for a reading or visual learner. Now the...

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Turn Your Samsung or Other Android Phone into a Personal “Black Box” Audio Recorder
Whenever you need to record a quick message to yourself or someone else, the stock Voice Recorder app on the Galaxy Note 2 does a fine job. However, the situations when you need it the most are when you forget or don't care to actually use it, like during a...

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How to Chill Your Beer Instantly Using Compressed Air
Everyone has one of those friends that just can't make good judgement calls. All of my friends happen to be like that, except for me, of course (I'm perfect). So that's why I'm never surprised when they bring back a 24-pack of warm beers, after explicitly b...

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Real Men Make Their Own Viking Beer Mugs—Without Using Power Tools
Man + Beer = Happy. Some say that's the formula to a pretty blissful life, but it's not just the beer you're drinking—it's about what you're drinking it in. Drinking out of the bottle or pint glass is perfectly fine for the average person, but if you want t...

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How to Make hooch or prison alcohol
This video alcohol-brewing tutorial shows how to make hooch. Bring that cozy feeling of hard-time in prison to your own home, or get ready for an upcoming jaunt in jail. Even if you're just really cheap and looking to get really drunk on the cheap, this vid...

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How to Create cheap WiFi antennas for better reception
Systm  is the Do-It-Yourself show designed for the common geek who wants to quickly and easily learn how to dive into the latest and hottest tech projects. They will help you avoid pitfalls and get your project up and running fast. In this DIY episode, see ...
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