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Our two primary games are Mutants & Masterminds and D&D (now 5e). I love the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic, its simple and creates a lot of energy at the table.
I'm thinking we need to port Advantage/Disadvantage over to our Mutants & Masterminds game.  I think it very much in the spirit of the True20 system.

Any thoughts?

Question regarding Hoard of the Dragon Queen.
Running HotDQ is my first attempt at DMing in nearly 20 years.
That being said we are completing an episode per 4-5hr session, is this normal/what other groups are experiencing?
We are using the Milestone Leveling scheme which pretty much means we are leveling every week; which is a lightning pace compared to our other games.
I have offset the game after the 1st episode so that the group finished an episode half way through the evening. This allows them to Level, give me a little break, and energizes the group a bit to push ahead.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I added a little grade school flare to game night tonight with a scratch off Dungeon from Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

Next up is scratch off magic item lotto cards! 

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Though i would share this here, my 5e Character Tent. I hope others get some use out of it.
In the stat boxes i have my players input their Saves.

I will be starting a 5e campaign this weekend and would like to pose my Crit/Fumble house-rules to the community.

Natural 20 = Max Damage (all dice and modifiers)
Natural 1= Disadvantage on all rolls until a Recover Action is spent.

The hope is to keep play simple and fast.

All comments welcome.
Thank you

Anyone have some suggestions for Aspects for the cast of Scooby Doo? I'm pretty far removed from the cartoon but think it would be fun to run a one off adventure.

I'm getting ready to run a Fate game however none of my players (or myself) have ever played. I would like to run a "getting to know the system" one shot. After some brain storming I think a Fate Scooby Doo would be perfect for this group and get them excited to play. I have seen an Accelerated version but would like to run it as Core.

Any suggestions for Aspects and Stunts etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a complete Fate virgin.

PS my group is 6 players so I will also need a celebrity guest star :-). 

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For those individuals with a lot of time on their hands or have a long trip planed we compiled our 7 part Savage Worlds Conan roleplay drama into one mega-sode. Runtime 6.5hr

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