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Land For Sale In Ogun State
Land for sale in Ogun State | Mowe |Ajibawo | Ofada | Ibafo | Owide |Idiroke
Land for sale in Ogun State | Mowe |Ajibawo | Ofada | Ibafo | Owide |Idiroke

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Laying of foundation for a 4 bedroom apartment

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Rainy season, a better time to inspect accommodation and land for sale
Many Nigerians in the past have been unfortunate to rent accommodation
or buy land only to find out during the rainy season that the place is water logged.
Most of these landlords or land sellers deliberately nide thses facts from the
buyer until when money...

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A visit to aseyori block industry along onse road,Ajibawo
Today we paid a visit to Ayorise block industry along onse road,Ajibawo to check the quality of their blocks and i was delighted to discover that their block are rock solid and of high quality.I will recommend you buying from them for your building project

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Wonders will never end !A very cheap of building houses with p[lastic bottles
I came across this picture on the internet of a house being built with plastic bottles.The finishing of the work looks very nice and it is said to cost a third of the actual cost of building a hose.They even boast that the house is strong enough to withstan...

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all you need to know about property insurance and why its important
Losses and risk are inevitable in human societies as one does not know what happens next. In order to guard against and reducing the effect of total loss came about insurance. Insurance is a pool of fund from people with common interest to protect themselve...

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Hurray! Ajibawo community now enjoys 24hrs uninterrupted power supply

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unusual businesses a land can be used for
Last week i received a phone call from a land buyer who had
interest in purchasing 10 acres of land for a business project. We then agreed
on a time for him to come over and inspect the land we have available for sale. There are numerous business potentials...

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Cost of living in Lagos vs Ogun State
A friend of mine living in Lagos recently had his rent for his 2 bedroom apartment increased from 170,000 Naira to 200,000 Naira which he declined paying. Instead he chose to search for cheaper accommodation in Ogun State.It is very common to see lagosians ...

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Red Brick Ware houseon 1 acre of land located at Arigbajo,Ifo,Ogun State for sale for 15 million naira
This solidly built Red Brick Ware house structure is 120ft by 60ft by 18ft high at the highest point and 12ft at the office structure level. It is an uncompleted multipurpose structure. The original intention is industrial and owner will be interested in an...

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3 bedroom flat for rent at ota,ogun state for just 150,000 Naira
bedroom flat for rent at Ota,Ogun State for just 200,000 Naira per
annum with 2 toilets,water,tiled floor and partially fenced with gate • 3 toilets. • Water. • Partly fenced. Rent= 100,000 Naira per annum Agency/Agreement= 40,000 Naira Damages= 10,000 ...
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