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Vidhvat Madan

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Super Lovely Planet - Playing a Level
Much like the controls we discussed in the last post , Super Lovely Planet doesn’t over complicate things with all the mechanics complementing the core platforming experience. Every level is a linear get to the exit challenge. It has a start point and an en...

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Super Lovely Planet - The Controls and Platforming
In its platforming, Super Lovely Planet is more Castlevania than Mario. If there was one thing unique about this game that sets it apart from other games in the same genre, it’s that it takes inspiration from the kind of 80’s 2D platformer that got mixed re...

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Super Lovely Planet - World and Progression System
Ever since I started working on this game, most of my efforts were focused on the world and progression system. It was the one aspect that I saw being revised more often than anything else in the entire game during development. In the last post I talked abo...

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Super Lovely Planet - An Introduction
Not too long ago, before it was given its new alias, Super Lovely Planet was known in some circles as Lovely Planet Adventure. The word “Adventure” was suitable for the experience I was trying to deliver at the time. A lot of things changed and playtesting ...

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A Story Behind Every Jump
I was pleasantly surprised to find that Super Mario 64 had found itself a cult following that remains strong to this day. It has its merits given it was the first of its kind, but for plenty of reasons, it never saw the success of its predecessors. Nintendo...

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Super Lovely Planet
I'm working on a 3D precision platformer. It's called Super Lovely Planet. Webpage is live at Right now there's only a couple of screenshots so we can see what the game looks like. It's quite early in development, but I'm ...

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On 3D Platformers
I was enjoying games on PC while the 3D platformer was in its prime. Nintendo never made it to this part of the world and the genre didn't established itself on PC so my experience with the kind of game is severely limited. Surveying from a distance I feel ...

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Lovely Planet - Third Time's a Charm
S equel, spinoff or spiritual successor, I don't really know. If I had the expertise to boil away all of the complexity involving player expectation with a single hard-hitting one-liner slogan, I'd be leading a marketing team in some far-away expensive coun...

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A Homeward Bone
Dark Souls changed the way I looked at videogames forever. First an awful gash that leaves a scar which keeps you from enjoying most other games, later transforms into an expanded perspective on all things videogames. If the Planet Shrine achievement in Lov...

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On Shmups - Scrolling
Summer is hot. If you're anywhere within a few hundred miles from the hills, it is only too easy to pack your underwear and drive off to the nearest village for a cool breather. I like my peace and quiet, which is something I don't get here in the city. Car...
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