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Martin K
Delivering fully restored, turnkey, vintage mountain bike
Delivering fully restored, turnkey, vintage mountain bike


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1994 Yeti ARC Team Replica
When I first started Second Spin, the first restoration commission I took was to build an early Yeti ARC. It only seems fitting that as I wind down the first chapter in SSC's history (moving east) I wrap up my run in CA with another Yeti ARC. There are two ...

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Ride Report - 1997 WTB Titanium Phoenix
I usually follow a fairly defined process with my restorations. First I build the bike up, dress it in fine vintage tires and photograph it against some cool background. Then I swap the show tires for a usable pair of vintage tires and do a trail photo shoo...

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1992 Bradbury Manitou FS ride report
When I set out to write this ride review I figured it would probably be the only one done on an actual Bradbury Manitou, but I was sure I would find some reviews or writeups done on an Answer bike. However, much to my surprise there really isn't one out the...

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1992 Doug Bradbury Manitou FS
Growing up in the 90s I had a poster of this bike on my bedroom wall. While a few Answer made versions of this bike have passed through my hands a real Bradbury made one, and especially one in my size was not something I ever thought I'd get a chance to rid...

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1994 Klein Attitude in Sea & Sky
I still remember the day I came back from a run and fired up ebay while stretching and saw this NOS frame flash up. I almost couldn't believe it, seemed too good to be true. But, I hit the BIN and luckily the buyer didn't back out. That was nearly six years...

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1990 Yeti FRO - ex Joey Erwin race bike
I found out about this particular frame back in 2010 and have been trying to get it ever since. So it's very satisfying to finally see the complete bike take shape and be ready for display or maybe some light trail time. This particular Yeti is no regular F...

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1987 Klein Pinnacle "Kleiningham" - Cunningham Approximation
Picture this, it's 1987 and maybe you've been on a waiting list for a Cunningham for some time, or more likely you don't have the money to have Charlie make you a frame. All your friends have the best of steel bikes, but you really want to show them up with...

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1988 Doug Bradbury Manitou
I've been steadily working my way through the lot of Bradbury Manitou frames and am very happy to get this one off into the hands of a good friend. Although these bikes are not as sophisticated as a Klein or as unique or elegant as a Cunningham, they really...

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1985 Cunningham #10
I have been fortunate to have this bike hanging in my garage for the past couple months. I wish I could say that I restored it, or otherwise improved its condition in some way, but all I did was play custodian. I also wish I could provide a flowery write up...

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1992 Klein Adroit Ultra Light
I still vividly remember the amount of work that went into building my first Ultra Light Adroit back in 2012. At the time it seemed like such an impossible task, many of the parts were obscure and hard to find or had to be modified somehow to work in the in...
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