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Tony Kennick
Digital is my religion
Digital is my religion

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Mourning the dead.
Reviewing the plans after execution.
Not letting the bastards win.
Measured thoughtful proportionate response.

Good night, Google+.

Good work.

Sleep well.

I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.

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While Trump may have plagiarised Bain in his speech, his policies will cause us all to quote The Hunt for Red October.

Hi, I turned off continuous listening and still got notifications from OSX that the Join chrome extension was using my microphone. I've now turned voice commands off entirely and still occasionally get the notification.

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Time for a new way to do continuous/future payments?
Not perhaps the best day in the year to publish this, but I'm the sort of person where if it doesn't get put down it gets lost. So, I have a new debit card, not for any terrible reason, the old one just reached end-of-life. But while there is no drama behin...

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180° on Labour Coup narratives.
I don't want to comment on how likely the full on coup plans laid out in this and other recent stories is. What I do want to say is how similar this to an cold war narrative of the right. This stated that electoral victory for Labour under a more moderate l...

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But with the The Palace of Westminster

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I think Richard Curtis put it best when he wrote this:

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A story of derring-do, sword-fights, politics and intrigue presented as only the Company can!

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Trying to think nice thoughts #2
Splicing Tom Hiddleston as Loki or Coriolanus into Taylor Swift - Blank Space
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