Brutal Answers to Common Questions I Receive...

Q: Would you recommend a Behringer ______ ?
A: I don't recommend anything by Behringer. I know results are mixed but look at the company. The company creates cheap gear by reverse-engineering products. See their aviom-version of a person monitoring system (

Q: How do you deal with guitarist's who insist on cranking their amps?
A: No more Mr. Nice Guy. Given the number of people who still email me about it...I say it's time we kill one. All it takes is one. Then, word will spread like wildfire and you'll never have stage amp volume issues again. "Yes, Mr. Sound Guy."
"Ok, Mr. Sound Guy."
If you like your guitarist or maybe you are related to them, I discuss solutions to this problem in a whole chapter on working with amps in my 330 page ebook:

Q: Our church doesn't have an audio budget but the audio system needs a better ____.
A: I find a well-placed 32-oz Diet Coke can easily render gear useless and therefore you can get a replacement. I'm just kidding! Church leaders need to know that church audio is a crucial part of getting out the message. Just look at the recent post by my pastor;
Consider forwarding that article to your leaders.

Maybe you need to create a budget so the church understands why the audio ministry (and the congregation) need the money. Check this out;

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