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Help Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) raise money to buy Nikola Tesla's old laboratory and turn it into a museum:

Why should you care?

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A blank page contains the universe. We can carve out what we need to scare you or make you laugh, tease you, teach you something wonderful. When we suffer writer's block, it's not because we can't think of anything to say. It's because there's so much there.

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Label on a 2 pound bag of pecans my wife bought: "This product is packaged on shared equipment with other products and may contain tree nuts."

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Great post here. Something about this guy (+Marco Tempest) that I just really like. He seems to really love what he does and that's always nice to see. Also, I want his studio. That looks like fun! Be sure to watch the TED video that +Robert Scoble linked to before watching the interview.
Magical Technology (extra bonus: A Google+ Magic Trick)

You might have seen +Marco Tempest's video on TED where he fooled the audience with three iPhones. But do you know how he did it? (His TED video is at you should watch that one first, because if you watch my video first it'll blow the illusion).

I visited his studio in New York last week to get a look.

What was even better was he gave me a preview of stuff he'll do at the LeWeb Conference in December in Paris and, even, did a cool Google+ trick too.

Oh, and make sure you don't miss his last two tricks. Those are, well, wow.

I think any TED speaker better see this. Why? The bar is going up on performance and it won't be easy to match. Even after you see the secrets.

This is a little preview of some of the things he'll perform at in December in Paris. I'll be there too.

The new hashtags on G+ are a good addition. I'm now hoping they give us some interesting tools to make them even more useful - trending topics, what your friends are talking about, better blending with Sparks. #googleplus #hashtags is a fantastic service. If you want a dramatic increase in spam and for telemarketers to start calling you all the time.

Seriously, I realized I had never created a profile before. So, I did. Within a day, I was getting more than 100 new spam emails every day and calls from several different marketers. Fortunately, I used a throwaway e-mail address (also how I'm positive it was Monster) and my Google Voice number (which at least makes them easier to block).


Anyone know if there is a Chrome extension for G+ that would let me have multiple columns, each dedicated to a stream I set up? It would be especially nice if I could scroll each column independently.

I follow people in several categories (friends, photographers, writers, tech folk) and would love to be able to make better use of the wide screen monitor.

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Handy article from the folks at io9.
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