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World IBD Day and Reality
I jacked this picture off of Instagram to post on here because today is World IBD Day! This meme states what the biggest problem with knowledge about IBD is - people generally think it's just a pooping problem.  Even I, a seasoned Crohnie, used to think tha...

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Best of the Best ... Still
Big thanks to Healthline for choosing Jenni's Guts for one of the 13 Best Crohn's Blogs out there.  I've consistently won this award and it surprises me every year.  Thank you all so much!  I am really glad to see that I am helping others with Crohn's and C...

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The Category 5 Shit Storm - An Autobiography
I really do try to think positive.  I always try to remember that bad times can't last forever and that things will eventually get better.  But why does it seem that the more that I think this way, the more powerful the shit storms of life seem to become?  ...

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Thank the Gods it's finally SPRING!!!  Kind of anyway.  Living in Ohio allows you to experience all the seasons all the time.  Sometimes even all in one day.  Like today - it was 64 degrees upon awakening, nice and mild out, but now this afternoon the gale ...

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If only I were pregnant
My morning thoughts after another sleepless night ... If only I were pregnant... It would explain the constant nausea I have every day - especially in the morning. It would explain these weird hot and cold flashes I've been getting all the time now. It woul...

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100,000 Pageviews!!
Jenni's Guts has reached 100,000 Pageviews and I would like to say 100,000 thank you's to everyone who took the time to stop here and read about me and my guts!  I cannot believe this blog has been viewed 100,000 times.  Most of those weren't even me!! I fe...

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I met with the dietitian and we decided instead of going full FODMAP diet crazy, I should slowly make changes to what and how I eat.  These changes include Kefir - a really tart, really odd tasting, thick milk byproduct that has more and different probiotic...

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Well that didn't work...
The whole bile salt acid diarrhea medication thing was a big fat failure.  My body simply could not tolerate the medication.  I was supposed to take it twice a day.  I couldn't even take it once a day for two days in a row because I needed at least three da...
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