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Local broadcasting air tv delivers surprisingly clear picture

I was amazed with the clarity of digital air TV. If you have not tried it yet, build one of these $5 antennas and see for yourself. High definition that is crisp and amazing. 

Oh, and did I mention - Its FREE
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Satin Gloss car wax review

Would you wax your car if it was as simple as wiping the wax on then wiping it off? I found this product a few years back and while its not easy to find locally in stores, it is one of the best performing and easiest to use automotive waxes on the market today. 

Satin gloss wax also has several uses around the house and can be used to shine and protect just about any type of metal. 

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Is a car from Craigslist in Fort Smith AK right for you
My clients often say to me "Craig, you talk a lot about buying a used car on craigslist but how do I know if it is for me?"

This is a question that many ponder as they decide whether it is a good decision to buy a car from a private seller in the Fort Smith area. Whether you are shopping in AR or any other area in the US or abroad, the majority of car buyers can find what they are looking for in just a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. This is especially true if you are looking to buy an older car as these can be more costly to maintain and cause you to have a bit of downtime. 

The key to buying a used car from someone is to ensure that you have it inspected properly. It is unfortunate but there are people out there that are interested in giving their problem to someone else. 

As long as you are willing to have a professional inspect your car, it is okay to buy a car on Craigslist and potentially save thousands. A used car shopping car experience should be enjoyable and when you worry about whether you are making the right decision this can take away from the experience. Take it from Craig and have that car inspected before putting your loot up.
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Jonesboro Arkansas Cars on Craigslist under a grand

There is something to be said about buying a car on craigslist in Jonesboro. If you live in this part of Arkansas and are looking to snag a really great deal on a car or truck locally, I would suggest reading up. Find out how to buy a running car for under a grand and avoid monthly payments.

You may have been waiting for the right time to buy and now that the tax refund money is beginning to dry up, sellers have a tendency to negotiate more on price. It is not at all unreasonable to believe that you can be driving for a thousand dollars or less! Many people have already done this in Jonesboro and you can be the next. Keep in mind that the first step to getting a deal is doing your research and this short article is a great place to start. Other resources such as  can assist with making such decisions. 

#Jonesborocraigslist   #Craigslistcarsjonesboro  

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Diy front end alignment
How many times have you taken your car to the shop only to find out that you need a front end alignment?

Over the years I have given garages hundreds of dollars to align my front end but this is no longer the case. It is simple to do your own alignment and it only requires a few tools that any do-it-yourselfer has. 
Here's how you do it folks

After successfully aligning your car the first time it only gets easier. After doing this several times the task can be completed in less than 10 mins. Garages typically charge their customers $80 - $100 and now you can do it without ever leaving the house while saving some serious cash. 

#DIYalignment   #Chevy1500alignment  

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Texarkana Arkansas Craigslist Used cars FSBO and appliances

If you are considering the purchase of a new car wait a minute and first consider all of the advantages of buying used. There are many people today in Texarkana who are unsure if their jobs will be there tomorrow. If this sounds like you then getting a craigslist car or used appliance may be the best decision that you have made in a long time.

Here's some more info if you are interested

Buyers and sellers alike know that this is the place to look for a used car. It has never been so easy as it is today to find local cars in your area without paying too much. Many people find $2000 or even $1000 cars or less. Appliances typically sell for less than $200 depending on what you are purchasing.

Sellers list everything from window AC units to refrigerators and stoves. This can be especially helpful if you own rental property and are in constant need of appliances and such. Check out this article to find deals in Texarkana Arkansas area that were once unheard of. 

#texarkanacraigslist   #usedcarsTexakana  

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Great advice for anyone who is looking for assistance when it comes to ranking. 
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Craigslist Little Rock Used Cars By Owner

Not long ago, people had to use the Arkansas times when looking for a used car. All of this has changed as the trend has now shifted to buying cars on Craigslist. 

The only other option available was to buy from your local car dealer but today people are becoming more financially savvy when it comes to spending their money. With millions of Americans still experiencing financial troubles, less and less folks are willing to take on the responsibility of a car payment, especially a high one. 

If you are a Little Rock resident and are looking for alternative ways to save money then there is no better way other than buying a used car. Whether you are looking for an appliance, house, car or a number of other items, they all can be found here and for a fraction of the price found anywhere else. Just take one look around and you too will see. 

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Ever want to lean how to do body work on your automobile? Here's a great how to that shows the step by step process used to remove a dent and a follow up post showing how to paint your car. 
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