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Excellent Cultures
Strategic Coaching that is Changing the Soul of Businesses.
Strategic Coaching that is Changing the Soul of Businesses.

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We just finished another Achieving Excellent Culture Workshop. In the last year over 270 leaders have participated:

· “Excellent, overwhelming, exciting, insightful, genuine, authentic…. Totally worth my time.” COO Serial Entrepreneur:

· “Thank you for changing my life.” Supply Manager

· “Great information packed into 2 days that you can apply to both your personal and professional life.” Corporate HR Director

· “This is the most powerful information I’ve ever been a part of. There is so much actionable material… something I see taking our firm to a much higher level.” CEO Tech Firm

· “You can come out of this changed and better equipped to lead wherever you are in your career.” Construction Manager

· “Principles and practices that change your organization for the better. They are truly timeless as I’ve seen them work for over 25 years now.” Microsoft Exec

Be sure to sign up for March 23-24 as space is limited 14 HCI Recertification Credits available. Details here:

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What a pleasure to know these folks! Lynden Incorporated @LyndenInc|  Lynden Delivers America's Christmas Tree

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Good stuff here: Maintaining Accountability Within Your Company: Thanks Jon Taffer

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THE MAGIC OF SETTING BOLD GOALS | A Tribute to Fred DeLuca, an Amazing Entrepreneur #Leaders #Leadership #Culture #Business

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Better Culture, Better Service, Better Lives - #Leadership #Podcast

"Control is not leadership; management is not leadership; leadership is leadership is leadership. If you seek to lead, invest at least 50% of your time leading yourself—your own purpose, ethics, principles, motivation, conduct. Invest at least 20% leading those with authority over you and 15% leading your peers. If you don't understand that you work for your mislabeled 'subordinates,' then you know nothing of leadership. You know only tyranny."

— Dee Hock, Founder and CEO Emeritus, VISA International

#Leadership #CorpCulture

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Board Members as Servants | Excellent Cultures w/ Michael Mott & Bob McCambridge. #Podcast #Leadership >

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Find and Retain the Best Talent | Excellent Cultures w/ Bobby Herra

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Passion for Work, Passion for People, Passion for Team | Excellent Cultures w/ Umpqua Bank #Podcast #Leadership >
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