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#apple    #isheep  this is what happened ... 
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I love how it got a little bit taller and everyone is freaking out.
Jeff Kusi
looks like they just "rolled" out a new iphone!
When the first iPhone came out it changed the smartphone market and were ahead of the game at that time. Its been almost 5 years and Apple has not been able to cut the umbilical cord and start venturing with new designs. The Android market has come along way, and i hate to say this because I love Apple’s products and i carry an iPhone 4S, but Samsung has actually caught up and surpassed the iPhone with the release of Galaxy S III and Android with Jellybean. 

There are 65 Android phones that are produced by 15 companies, vs One company, One phone, Once a year. Apple just needs to start investing more on research and development and start releasing iPhones at least twice a year. If not, they are going to stay behind from now on.
You say that... but they are leading the market.
me i like iPhone is better sumsung
So yeah about that droid razr maxx hd.....*whistles.....
Come on people!!! This is "never ending" story.....
OK Samsung super smartphone gls3
Seriously. This phone and its selling... Are all because they are afraid of change. That my friend, is the truth. They could've done so much more better.
Android fanatics really are bound together by their hatred for Apple aren't they?

Imagine if what bound them was their love for whatever product they use (and without resorting to taunting the competition).

#getalife #sad
i dont understand the point in this, as its just like two cms longer and like weird, so wth
Not much has changed apart from the screen is even less suitable as a video player, its just letter box (ish)
It's big. but it does help typing
Yeah, good hardware but overall garbage. No new features
Wait... Who said Apple is leading?? Oh wait... Apple fans. You know apple fans can create website, look official and just say " They are leading the market" too right? Android are just too complicated for you, just admit it already. Apple is taking their fans and playing them stupid. Stealing your money for basically the same phone every year with just... more... FEATURES! Geez nobody see this? Lol.
simply the best phone money can buy - thats it - nothing better  :-)
In order to USE the thing, you have to replace EVERYTHING you bought for your iPhoney4: cradle, auto charger, case, adapter, stereo adapter... to the tune of at least a few hundred (of which crApple skims a hefty percentage). And then there's another 2-year milk-you-dry contract.
I wish the people on this earth had more meaningful things to do, other than follow what new electronics they can have.....Nobody is content these days....Don't we all know Apple is an expert at marketing, there job is to suck you in, and they are doing a great job, as sad as that is. Here, try this, follow Jesus Christ and you will find more joy than ever before!!
haha.. Truth is people can't afford the iPhone so they have to bash it. I can afford it. So I will buy it and be happy. 
+Rudi Tuti  so Apple realizes their phone sucks dick yearly, only after every competitor has surpassed them in available features. Then they release a phone to catch up and announce it to be the "Best iPhone ever!" I sure hope it is, why would they release one worse than their older product?? 

It's easy to sound groundbreaking when all you do is compare to your own old outdated portfolio. 
+Gator Moore Android has a larger % of the market, and I saw a study posted on g+ that next year (2013) Android is expected to ship a billion units, 3 billion by 2016, and Apple isn't expected to hit the billion mark until 2015...
Apple had the chance to "open up" their OS to coincide with the new iphone release but missed the chance again.... slightly different phone same locked up operating system which will means no internet freedom, the freedom which Android and now W8 gives you. Boring!
And for once "much more better" is good grammar. :-P
Least with an iOS product, you don't have to fear of actually deleting a part of your android boot up system. I use to run with android on the first moto-blur phone and then the htc rhyme. Didn't like the fact I could access all of the phones important data. With apple they lock down the sdk and provided a user friendly gui but that's my opinion. Sure I don't like the changes to the new ip5 but I'll have to get use to it. 
+Charles Kintz  Stop running around and deleting things you don't know anything about. Maybe if people did this we wouldn't need to be spoonfed everything, blindfolded, and told by the government what's best for us.

The refusal to be fully informed is the biggest threat to our society today
I want version 20 like I saw yesterday . I sometimes need a cane because of my back so this would be great to have in emergencies 
Lol I get it now cause IPhone 5 is thinner.
Whats with u dudes?
I've got xperia ray ,an Android smart phone. But apple is so cool.
Please dont brainwash peoples mind by criticizing apple.
Why should we criticize ane blabbermouth of sth we havent used ?
+Rudi Tuti  It's BECAUSE of that marketing that I evaluate the device with such scrutiny. The marketing uses fluff words to make people believe that there is no viable competitor. but now they've just neglected to mention competitors at all! Interesting, isn't it? How most iPhone users can only compare their new iPhone to their old one. They then purchase the phone and regurgitate all the "exclusive" features their phone has to justify paying the premium.

I will not buy a product with a good all-around feature set for a premium to lock myself in a padded jail cell, I mean a walled garden, I mean the Apple Store. If when I try the actual phone in the sprint store and it blows my socks off, well the product with the best bang for the buck always gets my purchase.
Why iPhone lovers don't mock Androiders on posts and comments and Androiders still can't stop make fun from Apple? 
k, compare apple to any other phone brand..and  then u got ur answer about wats better. apple is alone..compared to android who is almost like a slut....sharing everything with everybody...
+Rudi Tuti You, sir, are the epitome of an #iSheep for making that statement lol That update schedule is the result of competition; because each developer wants to defeat the last leader.

This is why the Android community gained so much ground and quicker. iOS vs Android, iPhone vs Galaxy, etc. Each Android fan is lobbying for their favorite device...except, we have more to choose from.

Enjoy your unnecessarily taller screen (when they only had to change OS resolution settings), identical form factor (because they worked so hard to patent something that actually legally can't be patented and has been in use for decades), 2 color options (because apparently the world isn't abstract enough to need anything more than black and white =/), and lack of new features for the new device's version of iOS 6 (because they've gone as far a they can go and are too proud to admit they stole nearly everything they could to get where they are, are failing to innovate because they rarely ever did, lie all the time about their advancements because the sheep [you] don't know anything about the competition, and have a beast of a processor [the best part of the new phone] that's rendered useless by said lack of purpose [no features].

Yes, enjoy your mess of a device that you think is SO much better than before...when it's even less of an upgrade than the 4S was to the 4...sheep =/
Who's the genius who decided to change the docking port? Dee dee dee
Just and observation:
1) I can flash my android to look like an android or windows phone, iPhone cannot.
2) I can do anything I want with my phone, iPhone users can not.
3)my phone was cheap, iPhone is not
4) android syncs with my browser, music, document etc without any additional software, iPhone does not.
Your right about, why on Earth would anyone with an Android, bother commenting on the !phone5 release. Apple is still going to sell millions, it doesn't matter. What matters is that Apple continually attacks Android manufactures. Why because they have fallen behind, plain and simple. Leave Apple lovers to buy Apple products they will be gone one day, not tomorrow but one day. If you don't innovate and compete with your products but spend your time and money in court, eventually the world will wake up and go "how much for this? No thanks" and that'll be the end of it. It has happened to many other giants that stopped innovating and instead went to court. I used to work for one; Digital Equipment Corp, who? you say, they had 64bit processors running in shipping products when everyone else was excited about 32bit, and they blew it all. If I remember correctly ignoring Unix with "Unix is just snake oil". They litigated and spent their money in court and now people don't know who they were, $14billion about 25-30 years ago, that's who. So Apple is in no way safe, just wait and see. If they don't change their ways, it's the Dodo for them and museums for their products.
Samsung Galaxy Note is very Good mobile right now in the Market
I say thanks I use to be a Apple fan boy I sold all of my Apple products and became a investor I have 33 shares all the negative and positive reviews are driving the stock to a 52 week high as of today I'd rather have Apple and the fan boys and girls pay me thanks again for your support
+Charles Kintz That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You need root access for that. And, if that's a problem for you, you had no business rooting, as you had no idea what you were doing. The Android sdk IS locked down and is used for development. I would know because I have it in my computer right as I'm typing this.

You're trying to refer to the boot loader, which is something YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS PLAYING WITH ANYWAY since you're CLEARLY not a developer =/ Without root access, a stock Android user CANNOT delete any of the files you're referring to. Those are root files.
Interesting that the new Apple phone also requires a new charger, whereas moving up from in the Android operating system to the 4.0 allows you to use the same charger.  
I totally agree +Rony canales saying. And I do love apple's products. I know that lots of complaining about their high cost, but for me it seems right price for top of qualities. Example Windows 7 professional OS cost over £120-£150 and newest Mac OS cost £19.99. And iPhone itself quality enough high and processor is top of all smartphone, so I don't think there's need any complain about that, unless you don't understand why quality meant to be...
Deven B
Too bad it's gonna be the perfect phone... Darn you Apple for creating perfection!!!
you people are really getting stupid about these dam phones. a phone is a phone, a communication device. nothing more. if apple or a competitor came out with an imbedded phone that never shut off you foolish little sheep would be lining up to get it. you people really need to get a life if ya'll think a dam phone is worthy of anykind of debate. they are only phones, apperently for simple minded folks that need attention. a phone is a phone is a phone nobody cares.
You do realise that Mac OS is based on Unix which is free. They are actually adding a price onto a free product by adding some features and a pretty GUI.
+Mario Aguilar  I love the self label " We apple product fans." You're really acknowledging that you're a FAN of a company? One only interested in taking your money, as all corporations are? Why don't you just get the most innovative product for the lowest price? Why do you sponsor this company? Why don't you become a fan of starving children, buy a cheaper phone, and donate the difference to a hungry children's charity.
Apple should have sold a rolling pin to the consumers and let them do their own update.

Oh I forgot, Apple would loose on all that revenue!
Deven B
No matter what all of you say, it's still going to be a great phone, and apple will still dominate the smartphone market. Just keep into consideration all the different companies that make android phones as opposed to apple only making one phone, and it STILL has supremacy over them all.
Apple are ripping people off to buy the 16g model you have you have to pay $100-200 move for memory my rezound has a 16g card already and I can put a 32g card that I can buy from Amazon for twenty bucks.
+Mario Aguilar  I don't even have an android. I have a Sanyo flip phone. Why? Mobile internet speeds are a fraction in the US compared to what they are in Europe, and yet we have to pay nearly double. Why do they charge so much? Because they'll know we'll pay it. With wifi sprawling up everywhere in NYC, I just don't need a smart phone. I use my eyes, ears, intuition, internal organs... etc.

And yet you still didnt answer as to why you're a FAN of this corporation, or why they deserve more of your money and a charity doesnt. "I only buy my gas from BP because my favorite color is green! To hell with marine life" DURRR
You Apple haters do realize how stupid you sound right?
+Ranjit Sukhu not sure exactly where you live, but in the US most phones go or the same price. Regardless of who the mfr is. If it is purchased on contract they typically start at 199 and go on up from there. This applies to Samsung as well. 

In addition in our country, the USA, we have the freedom to purchase whichever product we want to buy, so if Mario wants to purchase his slight larger iteration of the same phone, it is still his choice. You don't know what he does with the rest of his cash either. This is just one of the many choices he has. He has made his choice.

For me, while I do currently have the iPhone 4, I do not see it as even remote a possibility that I will be spending my money on the same phone that has been slightly increased in size and bringing nothing more than a new connector. 

Do let us know how your volunteering and donations are going for you. Judging by your well groomed and nice clothes I doubt you spend much time doing what you are telling others to do. 
+Gator Moore hahahaha Apple leading the market. That is the best joke i heard today. They were leading when they were alone on the market.
+Rudi Tuti Dude, you're being an idiot, fail troll =/ I'M not the one in Apple's ass, you are. I only stated facts. You can't disprove a single thing I said; and fuck your opinion. Facts are FACTS. You're fighting a losing battle here, bottom line. Grow the hell up and just accept the reality of the situation; innovate; you.are.being.a.sheep;;; and're.all.idiots.

Tech fans will always follow tech news. Don't like it? Stop reading along; that just makes you look like even more of a moron for complaining about fanatics disliking your favorite product. That's like going to the Olympics, full of sports fans, and getting mad when the Chinese audience boo's the American team, raving at them to shut the hell up, and charging them to answer why they even bother showing up for the event. Idiot. They're fans and it's a competition that includes their favorite teams. Just because they don't like YOUR team doesn't mean you're the only one right. In fact, you're the minority, so, you're the most wrong rather.

That's called logical reasoning, something most Apple fans don't have much grasp of. And even if you manage to surprise me, and aren't an Apple fan, you look even MORE foolish because you're essentially supporting them by trying to tear the argument down to what it, in fact, isn't. Google and Apple are firmware developers. Apple buys its hardware and produces very little of it. Get your facts straight before entering the ring with champions.
It isn't new , it's just stretched !! Like pic above , that commercial in apple site is awesome ! ... Very futuristic!!
Deven B
Well, this is Google+: Google's brain child along with the Android OS. What did you expect, Jose?
i think iphone 4 and 5 does not have much  difference
+Adrian Yanez I got my Galaxy Nexus for $0.01 at Amazon Wireless with Sprint. Best purchase ever!
Hate to say it but Apple is not just about hardware...they are about software...yes they do sell iOS, but only with their hardware. It is fair to compare the two. Why would you buy an iPhone? It is just a Samsung with iOS! ;) Face it...truth is truth...yes you are buying a phone with existing technology...maybe the CPU faster, but is it worth the upgrade from the 4s...probably not! What happened to Apple being a innovative company with cutting edge technology! Why do they want to control so much of what we do? We are the consumer...we buy therefore we are responsible for our actions. I dont need someone telling me what I can and cant do with something I own and have paid for. Thats all! Innovation, competition, discussion, debating is all healthy and promotes change for the better! 
This is really crap from apple and they now apple fans are gonna go ... OMG its so cool and faster and bigger but guess what? There's no another choice so either like it and buy it or just continue fooling yourself saying and trying to make yourself think that's the coolest phone ever..... IOS still the same crap that always has been.
iphone 5 is the best!!
+Gator Moore How are the leading the market. When Android have 52 percent and Apple has 33. That's in the United States, worldwide android domination is more like 68 percent.
Migs B
Can't wait to get the note 2
Migs B
And lmfao @ fanboys that say we bash iPhone because we can't afford it...its free on contract here in the uk we just choose not to have it when we can have our androids instead.
#isheep buy #crapple because like the products there redundant, its easier to do the same things the same way because you don't need to think. Look at the specs on high end phones released in the last few months like the HTC one X and galaxy s3 now go look at the Iphone 5 does it really compare? With all due respect to a great innovator like Steve Jobs apple as the it was left the building when he did.
+Rudi Tuti But you are trolling. You see, you could have just as easily ignored it...but you didn't. No, instead you visited the link, read all the comments, and then entered the fray. That's called an emotional response.

You knew this might not bode well, but read the post anyway. You knew the commenters would either ridicule Apple or fight, but you read those as well. You also knew someone would mention you in a comment for a counter argument, yet you commented anyway.

I'm here for the explicit purpose of the post, but, then...why are you here? I came to poke fun, as the original poster is doing and intends for the like minded to do. But, still, why are you here? Yes, you are being a troll. And I'm not taking that from you; you have that right. But I over feed the trolls.

You can say what you like but trust me to correct your errors =/ I'm just saying to know your shit before you turn on your shit fountain and spray us all with your shit.
Oops that should read apple as we knew it left the building:-)
my cousin want to buy iPhone 5 and he is on Verizon. But i guess he realize it is too expensive to go with a 649 + Tax option to keep his unlimited data so he can use 4g. Otherwise 199 with two year contract and no unlimited data. I'm happy with my motorola razr
+Adrian Yanez I work doing cancer research to increase QALY (quality adjusted life years) by researching and instituting more robust treatment options at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - So i think I'm doing pretty well. I also volunteer at soup kitchens in the winter and tutor children. What do you do?  
kh low
Mmmm iphone 5 and nex year iphe 5 s and iphone six pay more expect less
It's a f#@&ing phone! you are only buying an image for yourself! I paid $19.97 at Walmart for a prepaid phone and it also rings when someone calls....
+Rudi Tuti  So buying your iPhone is you "playing hard"?? People can spend whatever they want, but ignorance in the consumer space just prevents true innovation and competitive  growth. Apple capitalizes on this ignorance. I just want more informed consumers, apple marketing doesn't. See for yourself the clash there. Go ahead and enjoy your phone. I'll be zip lining in Barbados 
+Deven Bottiaux if you look at the numbers apple is not dominating the market. Samsung is the number 1 manufacturer, followed by Lg, I forgot who is in third place, but Apple is number 4. That doesn't sound like dominating the market to me.
Migs B
My plane ticket for my vacation cost less than the iPhone lol
LMAO... stretching an idea, with a legacy tool 
Except you can not talk and scan on the web at the same time on i5 phone like Android
No, I can't but that has more to do with the phone being placed next to my ear....
+Rudi Tuti  The difference is, having fun in Barbados is a worthwhile experience. Like you said, some people make money and spend it on things and still donate. An exciting vacation is worth it. The iPhone is not. My point on the donation was not the donation itself, but ofcourse an #iSheep  like you would not understand. It was the fact that this man was a FAN of a corporation and was willing to pay more because... idk apple wants his money more? Or because Apple helped save his life at some point?? You sheep should all should just donate to Cancer Research and help pay my salary! :D

You'll be glad you did after the radiation from being glued to your phone all day.

+Daniel Goeder  Thats because Sprint doesnt allow anything. Idk why, but they are no fun. Seriously considering jumping ship if it weren't for the fact that my entire family is on my plan 
Anyone that says people that can't afford the iphone bash.... Your a complete freaking moron. Many of us are on carriers where the upgrade to our higher-end android handset cost the same as your iphone. I can't believe some idiots think like that. By the way... Cook/Crapple just dropped the price of the 4s and are giving the 4 away. Let's not forget dear old Cricket. No longer an ideal elite device I would think. Ohhh and by the way cricket owners. Its awesome your getting it but prior iphone elites would have turn their noses up to the thought of a no contract carrier getting their most prized possession.
what steve jobs will think if anyone informed him about this!!
That's the thing iPhone really focuses on hardware that's why they get only one a year but they need to focuses more into its operating system give it something so new and incredible already. It's just been a couple features every year. If they stepped up their software game just a bit more than it is now they'd be back with innovation. I don't buy a phone to change themes and shit give me something that's logically applicable and so far apple has done that for me except with this new one unfortunately 
But seriously people. They're just phones. This level of competition is downright stupid. 
I actually think that the iPhone 5 is good. iPhone 4 was perfect and they didn't wanna change too much about how it looks. Apple products are like that, they don't change them much. If they do change, that means its a different product. 
sort of wat u said
"This one goes to 6." (If you count the static row.)
+Jay Fuerstenberg The "Apple hate" has nothing really to do with being an "Android fanatic". If Apple didn't try to stifle competition and innovation then I would have no problem with them - I still wouldn't subscribe to their walled garden, but it would be a consumer option generating new ideas. As of now, Apple is riding on an old, out-dated UI. There is a reason why Apple is suing Android OEMs, and it's not because of patents; it's because they're scared. Just ask Wozniak. He is a founder of Apple and doesn't agree with how they're behaving.

So, just don't assume people are simply implying "Android good, Apple bad". There are legitimate reasons for the "hate".

Also, Android users switch OEMs all the time, from Motorola to HTC, to Samsung, LG and Sony. If Apple built an Android phone I'm there would be Android users who would buy it, even though it would still be behind the curve technologically. You obviously don't understand Android and why people love it. 
+Ranjit Sukhu I donate money and my barely used items.

+1million to you for your work. Not sarcasm. 
If Steve Jobs were appreciate the phone a little more. 
'Cause he would've came up with a better idea. 
Android all the way
alot of dumb people out there to even consider buying any apple products,,,they r made for  10-50 cents by a little is not innovative they are just about money
I think the rolling pin represents this very well. ._.
If I could just borrow that rolling pin ... I could roll my Sammy Galaxy Nexus into an Asus Nexus 7 with telephony.
I wonder how long it took the R&D team to add half an inch to the screen? But then again, with the budget apple uses for R&D, there's probably just one guy, who called it a day after photoshoping the half inch to the 4S.
+Adrian Yanez That's good to hear, Kudos to you as well! :)

+Rudi Tuti  It is my opinion on what's worth it and what isn't. I'm just saying that in my opinion, the iPhone is an overpriced gadget. That's all it is, that's all it ever will be. You can have your opinion that it has demonstrated its value by greatly increasing your quality of life, but to that I just infer that you must have had some terrible experiences with gadgets of the past. And since you wanted to be vulgar - your life must be pretty damn boring if a phone gets you hyped and you're already ready to throw the money down.

Most importantly, you still fail to recognize that it isn't about where you spend your money - it's the reasoning behind it. What is the logic behind becoming a fan of a corporation? Bill gates has donated billions to charity. I cite this because this is the example we have gotten stuck on. Am I suddenly a huge fan of Microsoft? No. But go ahead, stroke your boner for Apple- I'm sure they are big fans of Rudi Tuti
How could anyone really think they'd completely redesign the iPhone, when you sell close to if not over 100 million units of something, you don't completely change its look one day, that be a risky business move. They improved on its design, upgrading software/hardware while adding new features, a few car manufactures do they same thing with their vehicles.

No android alone has sold like this until the s3 recently, and I'm sure Samsung will do the same thing when they release the s4.
I think Apple is a great company.... their iPhone 5 proofs it.
Via Samsung Galaxy SIII...
people complaiming about how its the same why dont you do your homework on how most if not all of htc "different" models are the same
I guess they couldn't patten some ones idea
Haters gonna hate. Funny image, though.
I really wish i could force a HTC Rom onto a iPhone. Dream phone :-)
To be honest, the iPhone 5 do have a larger screen, dual core and LTE. It is a giant step forward from the 4S, just ask any Android phone owner with a 2 year old phone.
Is it still considered copying when the copiers have surpassed the company that was copied? If Steve Wozniak was still at apple, I'd have an iPhone, Mac book, and everything else apple has to offer cause Wozniak is a genius. But since he left, apple hasn't really been very innovative, so I'm with Android.
? If you have the iPhone 4s and you upgrade to the ios6 will it have the same features as the iphone 5 except it being 4G LTE?
First of all, I am an Apple fan, but I still think the picture is pretty funny.

Second of all, you guys are so funny, saying that Apple "needs" to start offering more designs, etc. i just love the way you are arguing with the most successful company on the planet, which once again proved you are wrong by selling what will certainly be a new record number of phones with this launch, a number that all those Android manufacturers can only dream about.

Good thing you're not running Apple, or my share price would probably be a hell of a lot lower and I'd be pissed at you for ruining the most profitable product line in history.

OF COURSE all those Android manufacturers have to churn out so many designs - none of them can figure out a winning formula like Apple has done.

Too bad almost none of those dozens of Android phones will ever get an OS update, while every iPhone owner through the 3GS will be able to download the newest iOS the day it's available.

Hope you don't mind me laughing my head off at you as I just watch my stock keep heading north, because Apple just keeps doing what it does so well, and as I enjoy my new iPhone when it arrives. 
+Charles Payet  McDonalds makes the best burgers. This is a fact because they sell so many.

/Failure logic

Higher stock prices are from higher profit margins. Android is currently leader in OS marketshare, Samsung is leader in phone hardware sales. Apple is leader in profit margin per device.
+Charles Payet Actually, accounting for inflation calculations, the failing US dollar still proves Microsoft the winner by far. Prices go up as the dollar weakens so you need more of them to cover costs... =/ Not there yet but, nice try
Hey Apple fans. Quit whinning and take it. Those of us that supported Android from the early days remember when you couldn't read news about a new device without iFans ranting and raving about "knockoff" and "cheap clone". If you want Android fans to stop then tell Apple to quit following Android's cue and live up to all the crap they talk.
+Gator Moore ...oh "i have soooo much money,i shall now throw some of said money at a now INFERIOR smartphone rather than spend it on a SUPERIOR smartphone"....stfu.....funny though how dick-heads ALWAYS loooove to mention money,same old follow the crowd...sorry but your money cannot buy sense(thank fuck).....i bet you couldn't even name the processor in the i-phone,is it double core?quad core?GOOGLE +1....go eat some (cr)@pple pie,hope you buy your shit phone (compared 2 others on the market)& lose it on the way back to the mental institution you are obviously currently residing,but hey-"you got the mad amount of wealth to just go make the same mistake again & buy another......"
well this is my first smartphone it is an android device. i however know people with iphones and i have used theirs just to see if i would like them before i bought this and obviously i didnt . i think one its the price two android does have more features and does allow you to do more . and well motorola is a good brand . i have had motorola phones before this and they was good phones never no problems with them. granted i wont be buying an apple product some people will cause thats what they like . but the studies or stats do show more people do buy android devices compared to ios devices such as the iphone and ipad.
What is néxt in phones? Good to know. Smart phones.
I say take that rolling pin and just smack that iphone a few times with it.. And try to resist the urge to go after the phone's owner with it...
you mean I can upgrade my 4S to 5 in my kitchen@
Its only the best iphone..
Not the best phone
So if apple is so successful then why does a majority of the world use android devices?
+Piero Lecca my nexus 7 tab runs jelly bean and it doesnt freeze or lag and has been very reliable and its been off the charger for about two days now and I watch a lot of videos and surf the web. So your argument is like apple products, outdated and unimpressive. But you enjoy iOS all you want to brother, I love my incredible tab that was way less then cost of an iPad. :-)
because apples software starts bugging if you dont update.
Zurab K
vahahaha it's so funny :D
But it has an extra row of apps now! You're just ignorant.
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