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Absolutely, angry with +TiVo right now. I have been a devoted TiVo user for 9 years. I've recently had 2 Series 2 TiVos die and I am being told there is nothing they can do but direct me to the guys over at for repair. I am told that I can pay $600+ to buy a new unit with lifetime service, but they won't offer to transfer a single puny lifetime service to a new unit.

I am basically headed into a 3000 mile move and +TiVo thinks I am made out of money.

Thanks +TiVo for the "awesome" customer service. I'll never have another nice thing to say about your company ever again.

Hey +Google+, it would be great if we could, say, go back to a Live feed. I am constantly seeing stale content in my feed. Stale content makes it LESS LIKELY that I am going to be engaged in G+. I'm not talking about reshares either. I like the BlueBox, but the content ordering and choice bites.

I just refreshed my feed and near the top of my feed is are several posts from 5 days ago that I have seen 10 times already. Zzzzzzzzzz-wew, Zzzzzzzzzz-wew.

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I can't comment on +Charles An-y-man's post, so I'll share it and say this:

Until OpenGarden supports a Linux laptop, it is useless to me. As the "Family IT guy" Linux is far easier to support than Windows. I have 2 Windows desktops, a Linux desktop, and 2 Linux laptops I have to support. This doesn't count the phones and tablet.

They have had requests for Linux support for over a year now and in spite of Android and OSX being Linux based OS they are refusing to support mainstream Linux computers.

I'd love to be able to pair this up with an Open-Mesh router network, but I won't hold my breath.

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Looks interesting.
How to have synced multiroom audio for cheap by reusing old hardware

It's no secret that I enjoy listening to music and like to have it with me everywhere in my house. The only way that was possible for me earlier was to either have one room be really loud and trickle into other rooms or play different songs in different rooms. Neither were ideal. 

But then I found airfoil. It can hijack any audio stream on your computer and broadcast it.

They took advantage of Apple's airplay services and extended them onto any device. Any iOS, Android, computer (with any OS), etc can be a receiver. With this particular software, only computers or iOS devices can be broadcasters. There are apps to make Android devices into broadcasters as well, but I didn't look into them.

With this software, you can have synced audio into as many rooms as you want as long as your networking hardware can support it. Occasionally, it may get slightly out of sync when first starting it, but it usually sorts itself out pretty quickly. 

My current setup is to have airfoil start firefox in play music (On this computer, my main browser is chrome) and autoconnect to certain devices. It connects to my ODroid on my TV and my Galaxy Nexus in the kitchen (I have a new set of speakers coming for the kitchen).  I am extremely happy with how the software worked out for me. 

Sonos and their competitors were far too locked down and restricted for me. This allows me the freedom that I need for my Audio. 
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That sounds about right.
(Thu01) is your data safe online?

a bit convoluted but ultimately accurate.


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