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Songwriter Andy Jakesch
Don't wait for good music, do it yourself!
Don't wait for good music, do it yourself!

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Song quality vs Recording quality

Nowadays, many people make use of a computer's possibilites to sort of replace an actual #recording studio. You have the tools to make an almost professional sounding recording - and most people seem to think that they need to do just that in order to have other people like their music. An assumption that couldn't be any more wrong.

I've recently bought the remastered edition of Suede's Dog Man Star and just listened to the Wild Ones #demo. I love those #Suede demos, they always show you how these great songs come to life before you finally hear the polished album version. The Wild Ones demo is a good example of the fact that song quality and recording quality are two completely different pairs of shoes.

The recording quality of the Wild Ones demo is crap, but then again it's only a demo ffs!!! The purpose of a demo is simply to DEMOnstrate a song's quality. And even in the low-quality demo recording of The Wild Ones, you can already hear that you have a great song on your hands. And that's what people nowadays just don't understand: They spend a lot of time to make a song recording sound as professional as possible - and are often really good at that. They have great recording and production skills. However, their songs are mostly somewhere between average and crap - and no matter how great the recording quality is, it won't improve the song quality!

People needed to get back to the basics of good #songwriting before diving too deep into the modern possibilites of semi-professional home-recording. If they combined good songwriting with good recording and production skills, they'd have quality song recordings on their hands which they could easily offer for commercial download right away - another possibility the modern internet world offers to home-recording musicians without record deals. Their recording could be more than just demos.

And again: A demo's purpose is only to DEMOnstrate the song's quality, which is already there in its most crappy recording version. If you already like an early crappy demo recording, then it's simply because the song is good. If you don't like that early crappy demo recording, then don't waste your time on polishing it up by re-recording the music, adding instruments, layers and effects - a crappy song will always sound crappy, no matter the recording quality! You could only try to re-write some weak spots, if it's only some weak spots, or you simply dump that song idea. Recording tools can't and will never replace songwriting skills!

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Check out my latest demo upload on Soundcloud - looking for collaboration partners, as always. Lyrics, vocals, mixing, drums, bass and what not...

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Another preview for H.L., this time the newly written guitar solo part ...

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Just posted a sneak unedited/unmixed preview of a re-recording of one of my oldest songs on Soundcloud. Hoping to find a lyricist/singer for this one (as usual) ...

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A sample from a new recording of a very old song I'm currently working on ...

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"A Little Time" is finally out. Enjoy :)

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I've uploaded a new demo version for one of my oldest songs, a rock ballad of sorts. I screwed up the acoustic track, so I only used some tiny bits and will re-record the acoustic guitar ...

The important thing is: I'm looking for a SINGER to sing the lyrics to the song ;)

Some sad news: Northern-Irish singer/songwriter "This Paper Ladder" abruptly quit music. The final mix of "A Little Time" will still be released, but I don't know if she will hear the result of our collaboration. Her contributions meant a lot to me and I wish her all the best (and hopefully a return to music some day). Work on another song (working title "Schleiz") was stopped because of this unfortunately.

Next news shall be the release of "A Little Time" on Soundcloud. So stay tuned, it'll be worth it. ;)

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I felt like putting one of my keyboard songs out there for a change to see if any singer/lyricist feels inspired to contribute. ;)

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The finishing touches on "A Little Time" still take some time, so I'll just post my original instrumental for the song (original working title "Meiningen"). Basically, the drum and acoustic guitar tracks were kept, but the other tracks were re-recorded. Singer/songwriter "This Paper Ladder" wanted to re-record some of her vocal parts and I'm looking forward to those, because I'm already more than happy with the current vocal parts she provided. She also wrote the lyrics for the song. It's also going to be the first release with my new semi-acoustic guitar with tremolo.

So, since this is the original demo, you can then compare the two versions once the re-recorded demo is out - and hear how work in progress evolves ;)

How do hashtags work btw? #ALittleTime <--- ;)
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