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This is probably the best thing I have ever drawn.i did it during history geography Hindi and a lot of it in declamation.
Love minions
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Now that nothing is happening anywhere i decide I could start a blog.i haven't read much about it but I do get the basic idea of what it is.

For my first blog I was planning to do something memorable so I didn't want to do anything too deep so I'll start off with the question that's puzzled mankind since the time of the Greeks.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Well if you really look at it carefully then it's pretty obvious, egg laying animals have been on this planet far longer than anything which even distantly resembled a chicken so the obvious answer is the egg.
So the real way to ask the question is "which came first the chicken or the CHICKEN egg?"
Well that brings us to how the first chicken came into being.
2 organisms resembling a chicken ( this process happened over millions of years it's not like
one day chickens came out of a dinosaurs egg ) mated giving an egg which contained our modern day concept of a chicken.So it was the egg after all ? Hold your egg whites because it all come down to perspective.

Let's say an eagle lays an egg which contains a pigeon ( this is just an example.I assure you.
There are no pigeon laying Eagles out there) will you call the egg a pigeon egg or eagle egg
( pls comment your views ) it all depends on your perspective. Coming back to the topic will you call the egg a chicken egg or a " mutant chicken egg " ( I don't know what else to call them ).
So in the end which came first the chicken or the egg is for you to decide!

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