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Here we go again! Try the site and let us know if it freezes again! Thank you so much for your patience and support! You guys are the best!
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Hmm. When I enter my username for the password reset, it gives a 404 error, saying the address is not found--which is weird, because I registered with my email, and have gotten several emails from the system.
I got a 404 after logging in, but dashboard worked all right. 
Don't know where is my reset password. Was that really sent to me?  I can't neither see my password nor register as a new user. The program is not properly working.
Well, whatever the issue for me was, it's apparently fixed now. The new site looks really cool!
2 hours later. The same. Try to login with my old Id and I get the message "An error ocurred. Please, try again...".  I then reset my password and got " sent with password..." (did not recibe anything). Then tried to register as a new user and just typing the first letter of the name a message said "...username already exist", or something like that.  Don't know what is going on.
I'm having trouble resetting my password; the reset password page says the email was sent, but I don't see it anywhere in my spam folder or otherwise. Could you tell me what email address you have on file for user "midnightlightning"?
please send your username and email to support at blendswap dot com and we can work something out.
Everything going well now. Thanks Blendswap crew.
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