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Innovation through Brilliant Teams
Innovation through Brilliant Teams

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Genau so geht's: Den Menschen ermöglichen, ihr Bestes zu geben.
Bethesda demonstriert: Innovation und Erfolg brauchen keine "Crunch Time", sondern Intelligenz.
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It's not the only way that can work, but it certainly is one: "9 Things Great Leaders Say Every Day"

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I'm not sure where I found this, but it definitely belongs here:
"The Myth Of The Bell Curve: Look For The Hyper-Performers"

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Super-interesting: What it really takes to become an expert. 10.000 hours is a nice yardstick, but you actually want to spend that time in the right way.

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What I like most:
"Rather than a one-size-fits-all open workspace, what would happen if an office gave employees the choice between private rooms and open spaces for co-mingling?"

Because it's not "how to set up an office so that introverts perform best" or "how to set up an office so that extroverts perform best", but "how to set up an office so that everybody performs best."

Viel zu wenig beachtete Management-Wahrheit:
Um den Schritt aus der Komfortzone zu machen, muss man erst einmal in der Komfortzone sein.

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Nice article about the importance of MEANING at work, especially reminding us that managers should continuously renew every employees' connection to their sense of meaning.

How this could be done is one of the topics at BrillianTeams.
How do you find meaning in your work?

"What is important is not the nature of the work itself, but the relationship between the individual and their work," Schon Beechler writes in this post on how we can increase the satisfaction of completing mundane or tedious jobs by linking them with higher values and a sense of usefulness.

Photo: Reuters/Ruben Sprich

Auch Politiker sagen manchmal Wichtiges über Teamwork: Der Kern des folgenden Statements des deutschen Außenministers Guido Westerwelle ist exzellent und gehört in den Kopf jedes Teamplayers: "Es sei ein 'Grundanliegen deutscher Außenpolitik, dass - wenn es schwierig wird - wir mehr reden müssen als weniger.'" (Guido Westerwelle, zitiert bei Spiegel Online)

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Auch mal umgekehrt: Ein nettes Bild frisch von Facebook :-)

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