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An Average Girl's Journey Through Life
An Average Girl's Journey Through Life


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My Year of Running 2017
It's that time of year! When we start looking back at all the things we accomplished and start making plans for the year to come. I love this time of year. Let's reflect back on my running this past year. I'm linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC  for...

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Run Laughlin Half Marathon Race Recap
I'm finally starting to come back to normal after my very emotional finish! You may already know that I had the most amazing race on Saturday - pretty much start to finish - and the icing on it all was a shiny, new PR. I was pretty nervous the day before an...

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Run Laughlin Half Marathon Training Week 10
If you follow me on IG, then you already know how this ends. :-) I had the best half marathon yesterday - and not just because I got that PR was I hoping for. It was a gorgeous course, and I was just having a great time for all of the miles. I'll have a ful...

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November Report Card
Wow! November was such a great month!! I'm totally on track for my 2017 goals. I had some great running with half marathon training. I started the RW Run Streak. One more month of 2017, which seems kind of crazy. General Running/Training (25%) : A November ...

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Run Laughlin Race Day Goals & Strategy
I don't know if it's because of half marathon training, or if it's flown by quickly for everyone, but man, have these past couple months have flown by! I can hardly believe that Run Laughlin is already this Saturday. If you've been following along, I've bee...

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Run Laughlin Half Marathon Training Week 9
After today's long run, I'm not quite as confident about Run Laughlin next weekend as I was after last weekend's long run. I'll go into more details down below, but I hit a wall today. HARD. I specifically chose a route today that started with a good sized ...

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Two Pumpkin Recipes. Great for Thanksgiving Week.
I know, I know. Pumpkin season is nearly over for the year. Thanksgiving is the last hurrah for this winter squash, so I wanted to share not one, but two  easy pumpkin recipes for your breakfasts this week. Pumpkin Pie French Toast Last weekend, I experimen...

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Run Laughlin Half Marathon Training Week 8
I had a really fantastic week of training this week! Plus that pesky scale actually went down a tiny bit. Yay for the small victories, right?! In addition to what I share below, I also did a bit of foam rolling before and after a few of my runs. I think tha...

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Staying Safe out on the Trails
Hey running friends! Do you know what November is? It's National Running Safety Month, of course! Let's talk safety when hitting the trails. I still very much describe myself as a newbie trail runner, so I turned to the experts in my local trail running gro...

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How to Make the Perfect Mix for Your Thanksgiving Day Run
Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Does the big day include running for you? Perhaps you're running a Turkey Trot or just going for a run around your neighborhood. Whatever your plans, here's how to create the perfect playlist for your Thanksgiving Da...
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