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Important questions to ask your nursery before buying any native plants
When shopping for native plants there are a few very important questions to ask your local nursery before buying anything. Are neonicotinoids used by grower of these native plants? Most wildlife ga...
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An interview with Heather Holm of +Restoring The Landscape With Native Plants  and a chance to win a copy of her new book Pollinators of Native Plants
Heather Holm, our team mate at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens has just published the landmark book Pollinators of Native Plants. Keep reading to learn how you may win a copy. I interviewed Heat...
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"In restoration the first rule employed is simple enough: “disturbance is the enemy”. Reduce disturbance and you will effectively be getting farther faster with regard to your restoration efforts." by Steven Paulsen at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens
Like so many things humans develop to be “good”, rangeland imprinters have a tendency to be used as a tool for potentially “bad” purposes. That said CSR, Inc has built its very own rendition of an ...
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Why we continue to spend boatloads of money trying to produce sterile invasive plants when there are so many beautiful native plants that will support more wildlife is beyond me! by Debbie Roberts at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens
I recently heard Dr. Mark Brand from the University of Connecticut speak about his work evaluating cultivars of Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii), an invasive plant species.  For over a decad...
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Great tips to attract more native #pollinators  to your #wildlifegarden  , by +Heather Holm at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens
We can all do more (or less) to manage our landscapes for pollinators. Resist the urge to clean up your landscape; instead, leave natural items such as plant stems, logs, dead trees and leaves. Pol...
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Why it pays to look very closely at new frogs in your #wildlifegarden  , by Loret T. Setters at Beautiful Wildlife Garden
Think this is going to be about the canines I am honored to be the shepherd of?  Think again. I have this mental block about frogs not being reptiles because of our friend the tree frog, which ofte...
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Great photo gallery to identify emerging spring wildflowers by their seedlings, by Pat Sutton #nativeplants  
After the endless winter who isn’t eager for spring? Each day I stroll through the garden and woods looking for signs of spring, perennials peeking through the woodland leaf litter and garden soil....
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Looking forward to spring by bringing some inside, by Sally Roth at Beautiful Wildlife Garden 
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Many botanic gardens and university extension programs offer a certificate in native plant studies. I'm sure I've missed some, so please click through and let me know who's not yet on this list. 
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Becoming a master naturalist is a fabulous way to learn how to create the ultimate #wildlifegarden and support your community
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Want to know how to start a native plant herb garden? Jacqueline Soule shows us how at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens
I was recently interviewed for a radio show (America’s Home Grown Veggie Show on every Saturday morning at 10am EST).  I was asked to speak about my New Year's Resolution f...
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3 great reasons you REALLY want bugs in your #wildlifegarden , by Ellen Honeycutt at Beautiful Wildlife Garden
Native plants are beautiful. For me, their beauty comes from more than their flowers. Native plants have a role in our local ecosystem and that's where bugs come in. Understanding the relationship ...
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Create Wildlife Habitat. Protect the Environment
Creating welcoming habitat for wildlife in your garden so that you will attract more birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife to your garden.