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Augmented Reality comes to JavaScript

Webcam AR is not significant in itself, but when the Google Glasses first hit the market later this year, the current and immediate-horizon web technologies and APIs will be the most accessible approach for early adopters to begin experimenting and creating. This blog post describes several of interest.
Motion tracking demo by HTML5 Rocks Last week, Kevin gave us the lowdown on the exciting new getUserMedia device APIÂ coming to browser
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I've been a little disappointed with the AR uses I've seen so far. I'm surprised this hasn't flourished more than it has.
+Lee Bruner, see my "About" tab for more on that. A lot more. ;)

You'll see that my shares of info like this are from the perspective of applying it to next-generation wearable display devices hitting the market this year. AR won't really take off until then. But it is coming -- very soon!
Ah, will do :) I always check out profiles/about pages, but after reading so many, I lose track. I'll click and check it out. I think part of the reason for my dissatisfaction is that here in Small Town, USA ....there aren't a lot of QR codes out and about. There aren't ads targeting the walking masses, because there are NO walking masses here. But I can easily see where wearable devices would increase the potential.
I'd say this part of your Quora entry "(VR for you, AR for them)" is this pivotal point for many.

This along with your specific "Additional information should not just be overlayed, but integrated, contextual (in content and form), and aesthetic, preferring natural and subtle visual cues over text." will take most people from "that's neat" to "Oh!"

Games on the side of a cereal box aren't enough. My copy of QR enhanced "Around the World in 80 Days" while neat, isn't likely enough either. (However it might be fun to combine the book idea and the PBS documentary on "In the Footsteps of Marco Polo" for a nice immersive experience with AR).

But I do come back to wondering if people can get away from physical keyboards, and will we ever really want to talk to our computers in public.
So much awesome, so little time to keep up! Bookmarked for later, thanks David!
The first bit of real AR that I ever got my hands on for real was part of the promotion for the last Star Trek movie Experience The Enterprise - Star Trek Augmented Reality (AR) but this seems to have been back in 2009. Seriously, if they can do this 3 years ago, when these displays eventually hit the market this year I'm thinking there should be some fairly decent applications they can put to use.
That's very cool, +Mark Bruce! The first for me was the Eye of Judgment card game for the PS3 EyeToy, in 2007. You could hold a dragon in one hand and poke at him with the other, with a decent amount of interaction. Eye of Judgement( PS3 )

Later, I played with the EyePet with my son, using the PS3 Move (with EyeToy), and it was phenomenal. It was so engaging that my wife and I got into this "kids game" even when my son wasn't playing it. EyePet Move E3 Trailer
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