Virtual Reality Kickstarter Project Raises Over $1,000,000 In 3 Days!

The Oculus Rift is huge leap forward in virtual reality headsets. This is the VR we've long been waiting for, with immersive field of view and low-latency head-tracking. Legendary game developer John Carmack has been closely involved in this project, and it has the backing of major game companies.

A $300 pledge gives early access to the developer kit, Doom 3 BFG re-designed for the device, and most importantly, an early prototype of the headset itself, to be delivered in December!

Technical specs of the Dev Kit (subject to change)
Head tracking: 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) ultra low latency
Field of view: 110 degrees diagonal / 90 degrees horizontal
Resolution: 1280x800 (640x800 per eye)
Inputs: DVI/HDMI and USB
Platforms: PC and mobile
Weight: ~0.22 kilograms

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