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Beyond Human: The Cyborg Mind

This old PBS series was so ahead of its time that this episode has become even more relevant now. The cutting-edge research they covered is now reaching the product stage, and the predictions and reflections remain valid.

"The focus is our expanding relationship with the computer, the invention of devices that enhance our senses and minds, and knit us together in ways we've never imagined."

"As we steadily merge with our technological inventions..."

"This is certainly going to horrify some people. The cameras are extensions of human vision. The databases are extensions of human memory. Are you honestly going to stop them?"

Additional options for viewing the entire Beyond Human series:

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Dude, great find! Watching!
As I am a so called teacher here in Thailand, just today I was looking at some cell/mobile phone technology being used in many schools. Also from my home town Chicago using a free online educational platform for many students to stay at home to learn for free. I can not keep up with all of these things:(
"The Six Million Dollar Man"/"The Bionic Woman" may have been silly, but that stuff is happening... great for reconstruction, I'm a little less keen on replacing working stuff with "better" stuff though.
Interesting but also scaring as too many private emotions can be revealed to the general public through the cyborg mind project, I think.
With excerpts / quotes like that I just have to click / watch!
Around 4 minutes in, David Brin says something I find cathartic...We are returning to the village.

I was trying to anticipate how this could be true before he explained what he meant. With the help of technology, the size of a village is no longer restricted. That doesn't surprise me. It is the fact that he chose village instead of tribe or family. He chose the community level which I find odd but refreshing. Perhaps the community is the evolutionary unit a society when I was thinking it might be the family.
+Drew Sowersby, agreed, that portion of the commentary was really cool. Perhaps overly idealistic and utopian on the surface, but beyond mirroring the typical messages of "global" and "connected", it provided a strong sense of how technology, if it continues along their envisioned path, can reduce the perceived distance between ourselves and others in a way that is tangibly like village communities. I think they made a strong case.
I've been at work this morning so waiting to watch this when i get home tonight ^^ - I'll jump back here when I'm done
I enjoyed the video and agree that this coming transition has evolutionary significance. I didn't find anything too surprising with the coming capabilities that they discussed for such technologies and am eager to start adopting them when they are available. Interesting that they rolled out Bill Joy to comment and his remark about the "loss of civility" is worth considering. Engendering the vibe of a small community to global pervasiveness can't be a bad thing . . . can it?
"Your sunglasses or eyeglasses will have little cameras in the corner... they will scan the faces of every person passing by, and look up their faces on some face registry"
- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

"Their name, two or three sentences from their bio plus"
- Newsfeed, recent tweets, mutual friends or connections all posted beside their face

"What does this mean? This is certainly going to horrify some of the people listening to this."
- Facebook has and continues to horrify some people. The more people who adapt to the technology, proportionately less are horrified. 

"The cameras are extensions of the human vision. The databases are extensions of the human memory."
- Couldn't be said any better. We are becoming super humans. 

+David Jacobs I saw you were the Top +K recipient for Augmented Reality on Klout. Congrats. Thats how I found your G+ page, leading to this 'ahead of its time' youtube post. I recently wrote a blog post that briefly touched on how AR will lead to us seeing peoples profiles beside them using facial recognition, but I'm not a big fan of spamming. 
Thanks, +Dan Seider. Where's your blog post? You are more than welcome to leave relevant links to your posts in comments on mine. I'm interested, and I'm sure others are too.

Interesting to hear that you arrived at my G+ via Klout's Augmented Reality topic. I guess Klout is occasionally useful. :)
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