Project Glass: Google Glasses

As you've probably been seeing, +Project Glass has launched on Google+, showing some initial prototypes of the Google Glasses. Here are two other must-read articles published today.

Google Begins Testing Its Augmented-Reality Glasses

Google Gets Transparent With Glass, Its Augmented Reality Project

For further reading, here's a roundup of my posts on AR/VR concepts, devices, and business implications.

Augmented Reality, part 1 (this changes everything)

Augmented Reality, part 2

List of major AR/VR display devices coming in 2012

(Quora) What augmented reality app will be the most successful application of the technology long term?

(Quora) What is Augmented Reality?

Natural User Interface (NUI)

Augmented Reality Concepts from Microsoft Research
Shared Workspaces, 3D Interaction, Wearable Multitouch Projector
Augmented Reality with Kinect + Projector

Augmented Reality comes to JavaScript

Design Principles For Telepresence

Resurfacing: Projecting 3D Mappings

AR/VR Contact Lenses
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