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Go get it, yall! :D

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Real Writers vs Fake Writers
Tell me if this conversation has ever happened to you. Person: "Oh, you write? That's so cool! I'm working on a book too!" You: "Really? How far along are you?" Person: "I haven't started yet, but I've got loads of ideas. It would make such a great movie!" ...

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Conquering Writer's Block
Writer's block. Those two words send shivers down a writer's spine. You know that moment when your plotting just starts to run thin... When the characters start to get dull... When writing becomes a chore instead of something we enjoy... We've all had it, w...

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Writing Hardships
Writing is really fun, but it's also really hard! Here are some of the struggles us writer's face on the way to becoming the next Steven King! 1. Realizing we're not as good as we thought.  I can't tell you how many times I've shared a first-draft chapter w...

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Things Writer's Can Do That Normal People Can't
Writing has a lot of hardships, but it is also a lot of fun! Here are some things that we writer's get to do that normal people can't ;) 1. We writers get to live multiple lives. Sure you can live vicariously through a character by reading, but there's some...

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To The Young Authors Out There!
When I was six years old, I would write little fantasy stories. I'd draw the little pictures and then I'd staple the pages together, finishing it off with a Rated E for everyone stamp on the back. (That's what happens when you have brothers who play video g...

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5 Types Of Characters Readers Hate
Characters are one of the most important aspects of your novel. You could have the best story in the world, but if we don't care or like your characters, we won't want to journey with them to the end of the book. Today, I'm going to talk about the top 5 typ...

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Writing Advice: Not Getting Discouraged
Sometimes we hit that point in our writing careers where we realize that most of the goals we set don't seem anywhere close to being met. Maybe we aren't selling as many book as we planned, or maybe we don't have as many reviews as we wanted. It's easy to g...

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Writing Advice: How To Write An Original Story
All of the good ideas are gone and there is nothing left to write about accept chosen, different teenagers and oppressive governments. You try to look for something ground breaking, something unique, but whenever you think of something good, you realize, it...
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