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To address key control issues I am pleased to announce that I have acquired a "Locksmith Only" keyway that is both secure and economical. Please call and I will be happy to explain the advantages of having door keys that employees cannot copy and distribute randomly.

Two questions for the commercial business owner;
1) Do you pass out key(s) to your employee(s) or are you always available to open and close the business?
2) If you pass out a limited number of keys , do you authorize the key holder(s) to make copies for themselves or others?
If the answer is no, how do you make sure? I have a cost friendly solution to this while ensuring a solid control of keys distributed, to whom, where, when, etc.  Visit Action Service Company today!!

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With the kids back in school, call today for information on keyless access to your home. Matching the appropriate touch deadbolt with your personal needs adds security for your family while allowing your kids easy and keyless entry after school, off the bus, etc. Call Action Services Company today to schedule a free consultation.

Although listed as closed on weekends, I am open by special appointment on weekends.  Please call today for details.

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